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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Can Poker game and music mix ?

I'm surprised that there's a trend already that poker players are now bringing their own music headset and mp3 players at the gaming tournament. I'm not familiar yet with this new trend in the world of Poker games and tournament, but every player that wears their headset and listen to their own selected music will chill down their nerves and give great vibes while playing the cards. Music can placed itself to many things, from different kinds of gaming field and genre, in the world of Poker games, music is a new added partner for the player for maximum focus and inspiration to stay steady in the game.

Try Google it and search with a word poker and music, you'll see that some players are wearing their music headphones while playing.

And of course, when it comes to music, each player have its own music flavor and genre, others might be listening to classical music, rock music, rap and hiphop, RnB, pop music or even the original sound track of a film and tv series. It depends on the player's mood and also his way of gaming.

I'm sure Poker players or even casino gamers love to bring their own music, but for my case, I love to stay cool and absorb the environment in order to focus, some games just require a hand signal to communicate, while others needed you to look and also listen, but most games are with hand gestures to communicate with the players, so I think everyone have its own way of playing and also listening style to music.

If I'll list my top 5 music albums, I can include some classical music just to add more thrill and adventurous side and some rock music to fire up my energy and excitement. That might include the John Williams music collection,  album of a Black Sabbath tribute music "Nativity in Black", and some Japanese rock music to add giddy mood.

For music headphone brand, I prefer using Bose headphones, Beats and Philips. The tip here is that wear the headphones that are comfortable to your ear, never wear headphones that are tight and also no space for air. I think bluetooth capable headphones are a best gadget, because it is wireless and no worries in wire tangles.

So, can poker and music mix ??? I can say... YES!

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