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Friday, December 07, 2012

Positive strength in Manny Pacquiao #PositibongLakas

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Boom! Boom! Paw! Paw! Pak! Pak! that's the sound of Manny Pacquiao's punches to his opponent with positive strength, you see that even Manny himself mentioned that boxing can kill people, to other boxers, the sports career that can hurt themselves in and also hurt other people is not negative thing to do, but its a sport that deals with who is the most strongest and last man standing in the ring. Its a job to others as it is a main source of income to boxers, its not all about the negativity in fighting, but also a positive application to the boxers persona if he will move forward to fight and also later on forgive your opponent. Positivity of strength is the key here to success, that's why Manny is a good role model for the Positibong Lakas bec. from an under dog boxer, he became the unbeatable champ for years and still fights for the spot as they say as the "Lord of the Ring".

His story life inspired many people, not just boxers, but also ordinary people. his placement in politics as a Congressman in Saranggani, showed that he want to help more people by sitting on a chair and analyze the problem of the city of Saranggani, its a stepping stone to move forward and use the positive strength in helping the people that can change their lives.

We should be positive too in the ways we do, sometimes we are afraid to try new things or even try the hardest part. We are afraid to have failures in our life, but the positivity in strength to try will give us knowledge to do the right thing.

photos via Top Rank
I'm sure everyone know what happened in the 3rd boxing match last November 2011. Its a lesson of both fighters to duke it out once more and prove who is the best boxer. Manny Pacquiao for sure have his strength again, he prays to God and he knows that the big man up above is there with him.

If you felt a negativity, all you have to do is stop, then breathe, analyze first the things you want to do, and then get inspirations from others, for example, be inspired from Manny Pacquiao. There are times that I'm depressed and when I loss faith in me, there are lots of haters and bashers around me and sometimes they pull the plug and make me stop in doing things... and then there's a part that I will quit and end it there.

But I found an inspiration to have my positive strength and that's coming from the people around me who believes on what I do, they support me always and know that I can do more better than before. From now on, the haters and bashers fuel me to do better, its a reciprocal version of myself in the past, I'm glad that I'm still here blogging and continues to blog more for almost 10 years already.. wow!

Let's stay positive and let us support too our boxer Manny Pacquiao to his 4th and last fight vs. Marquez.

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