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Friday, December 07, 2012

Top 10 gift items you hate to receive this Christmas in the Philippines

There are times that we receive gifts this Christmas, and we are lucky that someone we love and we know are very kind to award us with items we like, but sometimes a gift turns out to be a prank or joke from the people you know. I do that sometimes, and thanks to our malls and shopping centers for displaying the most hated gift items for Christmas, its affordable and easier to shop it, the most convenient thing here is that the item is for unisex, it can be used by anyone.

People complain every year that they always receive the same item, like for example - a towel, photo album, a mug or scented candles. I'm sure that the reason of the gift givers to giveaway those items are because, its hard to shop in this season because of traffic and less time to go in the mall, or maybe budget is limited or they might gave away the old gift they receive last year and now its time for you to receive it and maybe there's a reason for you to use it hahahahah.

So here are the top 10 gift items that you hate to receive this Christmas here in the Philippines.
I'm listing the items here that I receive years ago and also from people's experience for getting the same item.
This is just my list, but to others it is not entirely a hated item to receive this Christmas.  (hey! the Mug with a photo of a cat above is my fave item)

Finished face towels 1
1. Towel
Shower towel and face towel are one of the most hated item to receive this Christmas, I heard that people have a bunch of face towels already, but maybe the reason for receiving the gift is that they need to replace the old ones with new face towels. Others wish for a beach towels, because its a lot more expensive than regular shower towels, but receiving a beach and shower towels are rare, the face towels are themost easiest thing to buy for a 3 or 5 pcs of face towels that can be purchased for a less of P100.

"Classical - Plain" Photo Frame #789
2. Photo frame
Its the most hated item ever! Been encountering this photo frame since I was in grade school, and I also gave one to my relatives and to my own family, but its a good use for us at home since we need photo frame. But what about for other people who don't need a photo frame, especially to those who live in small house or a room that doesn't need a small photo frame with standee. Well, it depends to them if they needed to place their photo with their pet dog or photo of themselves behind the Marina Bay Sands. But this gift item is notorious, I hope shopping malls ban this item for the moment.

Mug Rug
3. Mug
Customized mugs are okay as a gift, but what if they just bought a Mug with a design that you didn't like, its hard to keep it especially if you have lots of mugs at home. It will be better if you need to replace it with new ones, but mug lovers keep their old mugs and still uses it until it broke down. For mugs, try getting the high tech versions like the "self stirring mugs" and mugs with usb plugs that reheat your coffee. But if you plan to buy mugs, get the one with a label STARBUCKS.

4. Shirt with wrong size
When I receive a shirt during high school, everyone are "inggit" because the one who will give a gift to me for our exchange gift activity in class is from a rich family. I got a shirt from my classmate, its a purple shirt with weird logos,when I tried it at home, it doesn't fit hahaha.  The shirt now belongs to my mother afterwards. Even if not Christmas, if ever I receive a shirt as a gift or giveaway, I'm so excited to try it , but when I checked the label it says... Medium or Large and its not appropriate for my body that fits only to XL sizes. Don't put your money to waste if ever you'll give a shirt as a gift for Christmas, even if the brand is Cotton On or Uniqlo, research and ask your gift receiver for their shirt size.

5. Photo album
Same thing as the photo frame. The photo album is heavy bec. of its size and notorious item for Christmas, but this was mostly given around the 90's, people don't use photo album anymore because all photos are digitally produced from an iPhone and digital cameras. Photos are now collected and posted online like in Facebook and Flickr. Giving a photo album will force the gift receiver to print all digital photos, or at least maybe they can use it to store their credit card receipts. But its still a good item to store all memories. If someone receive this, the only comment you will hear is  - "aanhin ko naman ito photo album,gagastos pa ko mag print ng pics" , maybe a GC for printing of 50 photos will be  handy if ever you plan to give a photo album. If a person is shutterbug, I'm sure they will appreciate your gift.

7. Scented candles
I don't understand why people use scented candles, we have lots of those candles at home, and also the expensive ones, they burn and melt so fast and the scent will last for just for minutes. We rarely use it, and used the first set for our honey moon and also during black outs at night. Scented candles are items that can be kept for display only, and if you used it, say bye bye to it  after some minutes. Don't give one this Christmas, kahit na malaki sya, cute or may brand.

8. Pouch
Receiving a small pouch or bag will make you think... "what should I do with this?" some people don't like carry bulky things inside their bag,  the pouch can be used for their make up kits, pencil case or sometimes storage for camera gadgets. But to others who don't use bags, don't like this item. We have lots of pouch here at home and we don't know what shall we do with it. I used one or two pouches, but those mini bags will be used for years to come, because they are placed inside my travel bag and in my back pack, it holds my camera gears and memory cards. But to others, its a hassle to carry pouches and its easy to loose it and harder to find it.

9. Coin bank
I don't mind if ever I receive a Spider-man coin bank, just make sure it is the character figure version and not the common cylinder form version. Its cute if ever you receive some coin banks with funny shapes and sizes, but a common cylinder coin bank sucks, some people dont use it and it will end up as a pencil holder or a paper weight.

Water tumbler are the new trend because of running events and marathon happening almost every weekend in Manila, lots of water tumblers are produced and now being used as a corporate giveaway. Giving out tumbler to a runner is okay, but make sure that it is small and easy to carry. Travelers love to receive this as a gift, but to others the tumbler will end up behind the cabinet. I see people's face in sad mode whenever they receive tumblers from their exchange gift events, because tumblers are bulky when you carry them when you go to work, sometimes we don't like carrying big items that sometimes we forget to use it. Don't giveaway tumblers that came from your company, the receiver will think that they just received a freebie that was given to you from the company you work for.

So that's our top 10 items!
so what do you think is the most hated item this Christmas as a gift ?

(photos via Flickr and Google Images)
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