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Saturday, June 16, 2012

11th Philippine ToyCon 2012 production note 7 (my photo coverage)


I went to our 1st day of ToyCon yesterday to check the highlights and also our set up, I got busy at home contacting the band performers, preparing the guest list, update the site, answer hundreds of inquiries via email and Facebook and many more. The 1st day is a big teaser of all the goodies of ToyCon, I didn’t expected that the Batsuit will be there at the Warner Bros booth, GI JOE Retaliation movie exhibit are a big shrine for joe figures, lots of gaming centers and also big discounts from our merchants. I don’t have money with me yesterday and I spotted some cool toys for my  2 year old son, I was about to grab that Little People figure, but I forgot to go back there after doing a photo coverage. Let me list the awesome things you can see and experience here in our event ToyCon 2012.

1. Check out our fa├žade design of The Dark Knight Rises
2. Batsuit is open for viewing at the Warner Bros booth
3. GI JOE Retaliation exhibit by our Toy Soldiers 1:18 toy group, check out that big aircraft carrier
4. Amped booth – free gaming and free Zesto drinks
5. Infront of Amped booth is our Toycon 2012 merchandise store
6. Back2gaming booth will be giving away some cool freebies..if you can beat Haoson in Street Fighter
7. Lots of food stations in hall 2
8. I like that Congressman  Manny Pacquiao statue in barong, I heard that there’s a Jinkee statue work in progress
9. Its raining Hot Toys and Sideshow collectibles in every booth
10. There are some toys with price tag P50 – P100
11. Our stage in hall 3 is big!!!! (and a super expensive set up hahaha)
12. There’s a Dark Knight Rises photo booth in hall 3
13. Check out that giant Voltes V robot statue in hall 3 and it can transform into 5 vehicles
14. Toy gallery is located at the conference center of Megatrade Hall, just passed by hall 3 and you’ll see the entrance
15. Alodia is setting up her own booth in hall 3, so cute that she design and build it by her self and with help by her sister Ashley. She told the set up is like Alice in Wonderland, like a cosplay diorama photo booth set up.
16. Freshgear booth is in hall 2, I heard that Alodia will be there this afternoon
17. A big super celeb of ABS CBN will visit us here in ToyCon
18. Our The Dark Knight cosplayer (the only near accurate costume) will appear later in the ribbon cutting
19. Kamikazee band will perform this Sun at 3pm, I heard that they will shoot some footage for their music video
20. Halimaw sculptures in the toy gallery is a super halimaw attraction… can’t believe that they sculpted a big Sentinel statue and a 4 feet Incredible Hulk.
21. gahhh there are lots of updates here in our event, I just let you check out the photos that I took from yesterday day 1 event.

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