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Thursday, January 10, 2013

After the Nazarene 2013 --- eat Lunch at Kung Fu Kitchen Feast of Fury-SM City Manila

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
After attending the mass in Quiapo church for the Feast of the Black Nazarene, me and my sis always eat a yummy lunch, we usually eat our lunch in Ongpin, but today I made a change and invited her to eat lunch in Kung Fu Kitchen in SM City Manila. She haven’t tried the food there, and this is already one of my favorite resto and wish that they should open up a branch in other SM malls.

Cover photo above is a Pata Tim

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
Here are our foodie suspects of the day hahahaa.
Me, Misyel and Florencio

Florencio saw my Instagram post when I took a self portrait here in Kung Fu Kitchen, he visited us to say hi, then I invited him to join with us for the lunch food fest.

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
Kung Fu Kitchen restaurant is mixed with Hunan and Szechuan food style, I love to eat here because of the spicy taste of their food and also tastyness. You can read my food feature and review here at

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
Yang chow fried rice
we were tired and we want to eat immediately, I ordered this as our rice of day to award our successful trip and also attending the mass in Quiapo church. I forgot that they have another version of rice that I love. The Kung Pao rice and Sausage rice. Sayang! I’ll order that next time.

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
Kenya beans
Glorious veggies on our plate! yeahh!, with some pork and tofu, I told the waiter to make the Kenya beans with medium spice, I’m glad that they got the right spice in this. I love it

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
Pata Tim
I think this is the best Pata Tim that I tasted, I love the meat and its soft porky skin, the sweetness and saltyness of the sauce is perfect, I tested the taste to my sis and she said that it is delicious, for a price of P300+ , it already satisfied my foodie taste, too bad that the Kenya beans got bad shot this time and ended up in a take away pack.

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
Egg drop soup
Solo version only, I like to order the bigger serving, but since its only three of us, we might not finish it all. Its great to sip a hot soup before going to a heavy meal. If I remember, this priced at P45 ??

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
Mango Yohgurt milk tea
I promoted this to my sis, because my wife love their milk tea, I don’t like mango, but I have to try it myself and ordered this instead after finding out that they ran out of Watermelon milk tea.

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
Its food fest time!
Great chat with Florencio as we share our adventure stories during the Feast of the Black Nazarene, I was hoping also that many other friends can join us, maybe next year, I can organize a group coverage of the procession.

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
I learned that the procession is walking so fast and this time it was near the National museum, I got worried that the procession pass by and I get left out, I went on my mobile internet access and searched for a map route of the procession. I’m so stuffed after eating and I condition my self to prepare for battle to walk the way vs. millions of people.

you can read my photo story here at

Kung Fu Kitchen - SM Manila
After the lunch meal, the Kung Fu Kitchen staff gave us each a fortune cookie, we were excited for the message and fortune inside the cookie, we opened each and it seems that Misyel and Florencio got a nice message, and then when I opened mine, the message is quite funny hahahah.

thanks Kung Fu Kitchen for the nice lunch meal!
I paid P1000+ plus P300 GC to cover our tummy needs

you may visit their Facebook page for updates -
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