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Sunday, July 07, 2013

1837 TWG Tea salon and boutique in Resorts World Manila

Its our first time here in TWG Tea Salon and Boutique in Resorts World Manila, we went here just to have our afternoon tea, I have heard of TWG before and didn’t noticed that they have a branch here in RWM, I saw first their branch in Greenbelt 5 and I ‘m super intimidated from the look of the tea salon’s interior. Almost every corner are so shiny in gold and I just don’t know what will I order.

When we check out the menu at GB5, I just told my wife that we will go here next time. So when we stayed in Remington Hotel for our staycation, she mentioned to me that there’s TWG in RWM, we went there after I found it out from her and then I decided to bring my camera and document our first time here in TWG yeahhh!

here’s some info about TWG ( copy paste it from their official website)

TWG Tea was established in Singapore in celebration of the island’s great history as a trading post for teas, spices and fine epicurean products. TWG Tea, which stands for The Wellness Group, is a luxury concept that incorporates an international distribution network to professionals, unique and original retail outlets and exquisite tea rooms. A veritable tea institution, TWG Tea is passionate about sharing their expertise and has become a point of reference for tea lovers thirsty for knowledge.
-- snips --

The tea trade was made official in Singapore with the creation of the Chamber of Commerce in 1837, a date which TWG Tea honours as the commencement of Singapore’s domination as the Far East’s most illustrious trading post, a haven for celebrated tea clippers loaded with the most precious of elixirs.
More info here at

After dining in here, I googled up about TWG and found some popular bloggers are already been here and blogged about it.

my first impression about TWG – is… expensive! hahahaha

But it wasn’t that expensive for a cup or pot of hot tea, it’s just the same level for a price that we have in popular coffee shops.

TWG Tea at RWMTWG Tea at RWM TWG Tea at RWM
I just learned that these metallic and glass tea pot and cups worth thousand and thousands of pesos!
Looks so cute!!! I just want to own one hahha.. But I think we have those antique tea pots and cups at home, I just need to clean it and re-use it again. The last time I make tea at home is when I brought fresh mint leaves from Laguna, I just learned via Google on how to make mint tea. – just clean the mint leaves, and then pour hot water to the leaves while inside the tea pot, and wait for some minutes to let the mint juice come out from the leaves, and then add some honey! and then you know have a mint tea!

TWG Tea at RWM
Upon entering the tea salon, this is their table and chairs… looks so vintage di ba?
Also the floor are so shiny and the tea salon bar are a photo op genic! hahahah.

TWG Tea at RWM
Time to order!
We just don’t know where we will start, but we are so glad that their staff are so helpful and showing us the best of the best tea and meals here in TWG.

TWG Tea at RWM
Whole menu is all about Tea!!!

TWG Tea at RWM
Different tea came from different part of the world. Its awesome because no need to travel if you want to try and taste the tea in Vietnam, London, Singapore and tea from the corners of the world. The menu is very helpful, because each tea flavors are segregated by country. Also you can see the price list here.

TWG Tea at RWM
We ordered an afternoon tea set
so while we wait for the tea and food, they lend us this TWG book

TWG Tea at RWM
All info about TWG is here! ohhh wow! you can read it while enjoying TWG tea cup, no need to Google about the tea you order hehehe.

TWG Tea at RWM
TWG tea cup

TWG Tea at RWM
TWG sugar cube container

TWG Tea at RWM
TWG Tea at RWM TWG Tea at RWM
We sat in the corner and here’s my view from my seat

TWG Tea at RWM
My plate

TWG Tea at RWM
Here’s the Afternoon Tea set that we ordered - Chic set (PHP 500)
with three pieces of finger sandwiches and 2 pcs of macarons

TWG Tea at RWM
The staff helped us pour tea in our cups
We selected a kind of tea when we ordered a Chic set, I forgot what it is..but for me it’s the best tea ever!!!

update: accdg to my wife - we ordered the Royal Orchid Tea (a must try tea! ehhehe)

TWG Tea at RWM
I’m ready to sip!!!

TWG Tea at RWM
My cup

TWG Tea at RWM
I ordered this Wagyu Burger ( P570)
yummy burger and the yummiest french fries that I tasted ahhahaha..I just don’t know why I love this.

TWG Tea at RWM
It’s a small Wagyu burger, but the size is just right for an afternoon tea session.
Wagyu meat is not that affordable, so I chose the best burger with the best high grade meat in town.
I just can’t believe that I paid Php500+ for this small burger. But the taste and texture of this burger+meat just satisfied me.

TWG Tea at RWM
the food monsters!! Lace and Me

TWG Tea at RWM
We just finished our tea that time, one tea pot can serve 4 cups, so we have 2 cups each, then my wife requested for hot water, and then they brought this golden tea pot on the table and its so lovely to see them infront of us.. I just want to take home one golden TWG tea pot hahhah.

TWG Tea at RWM
Lace and her iconic TWG pose lol

TWG Tea at RWM

finish na…..

TWG Tea at RWM
bill pls!!!!
total : Php 1,177 pesos!!!!

experience in TWG is super fun!!!
We will visit again and watch out for my blog post from their Greenbelt 5 branch
TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
Greenbelt 5, 1-049, Level 1
Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center,
Makati City
Tel: +632 720 8665, +632 720 8667
TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
Resorts World Manila, Ground Floor - Block 1,
Shop 17B, Newport City,
100 Andrews Avenue, Newport Cybertourism Zone, Pasay City, Tel: +632 551 0696, +632 551 0925
Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday, 11am to 12am
Friday to Sunday, 11am to 1am
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