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Monday, July 08, 2013

Miso-Ten Ramen and Tempura Restaurant (Robinsons Magnolia)

miso ten again
I’ve been craving for ramen the past weeks and I just want to eject my seat and drop directly to a nearby Miso-Ten restaurant, but its impossible to have an ejection seat that will land you safely inside the resto, so I just scrap my day dreaming session and head to Miso-Ten’s 2nd branch which is located in Robinsons Magnolia. I went there with my wife after attending a meeting in Q.C. I got reminded that the mall is near to our meeting location that day and driving to the corners of Q.C. brought me back to lalahland!

miso ten again
Hello and welcome to Miso-Ten Ramen and Tempura restaurant 2nd branch in Robinsons Magnolia

you can read my 1st visit and blog review here at

The resto is located at the 2nd floor of the mall, they have this al fresco dining facing Hemady st. and you can look below and spot the classic Magnolia ice cream parlor. That’s why the mall got its name and using the old Magnolia as its landmark.

miso ten again
I really love resto who serve free wifi to their customers, here at Miso-Ten they just gave us the wifi password. Here I can tweet and Instagram the food that I have hahahaha. I was busy chatting with my blogger friends in Facebook and told them that I’m here in Miso-Ten, but then other friends told them that they are in Stackers SM North EDSA hahahaha. We’re communicating while we eat our food in different resto.

miso ten again
Service hot tea is given to us, its some kind of rice tea some sort, but I will get the name of this tea in my next visit.

miso ten again
The dining area of Miso-Ten, I love the bar concept.. feels like the Japanese ramen resto in Japan. You can watch the chef here prepare your food and sushi.

miso ten again
my front view…some tables and chairs and the al fresco dining area.

miso ten again
Mango Kani Salad (Php 150)
My wife ordered this as our starter

miso ten again
Gyoza (Php 140)
I love the taste of their gyoza, its very unique and comparing it to other restos, their version is not dry and the meat inside is tasty.

miso ten again
The ever loving food of the many. I got a bit sad that Miso-Ten is now using the regular Tempura ginger sauce, few months ago when I visited their 1st branch in Robinsons Manila, I discovered there and tried for the first time to use a Tempura sweet sauce, it’s the 1st dip that they use for Tempura, but then accdg. to the manager, their Japanese consultant suggested to use the original sauce dip for Tempura. But then I told them that they should bring it back as a condiment, bec. some customers like me want to try a different take of my tempura.

I super enjoyed my tempura last time in dipping it in sweet sauce that was called Tendon Sauce.

miso ten again
Miso-Ten Ramen Original (Php 275)
Our companion ordered this, he just wants a plain and simple ramen, I told him that it is a good starter for new ramen fans.

miso ten again
Tan Tan Mien Ramen (Php 275)
ohhhh my ever favorite ramen….. this ramen visits me in my dreams ahhahah
pork and miso based soup for my ramen added lots of flavor. it’s the tastiest ramen ever and loved by many ramen fans.

miso ten again
half size ramen original
that’s my wife’s bowl, she ordered one ramen original and then requested that the other half of the ramen to be prepared to-go. I’m surprised that Miso-Ten staffs help us in preparing the to-go meal and I learned that they separated the noodles, the soup and the ingredients in different packages for to-go. Awesome!
Now my next agenda is… order a to-go meal in my next Miso-Ten visit.

miso ten again
And our bill of the day… tada!! ahhahaha
I used that P100 GC to get some discounts Smile

miso ten again
Miso Ten: Ramen and Tempura Restaurant
Twitter: MisoTenPh | Facebook: Miso-Ten
Robinsons Magnolia – Al Fresco Area, Level 2, Tel # 4425914
Robinsons Ermita – Pedro Gil Wing, Level 1, Tel # 3531864
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