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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Another dine in visit to Watami: a Japanese casual restaurant in SM Mall of Asia

Watami again in SM MOA
We’re back dining in Watami in SM Mall of Asia, this was yesterday and I just noticed that my wife is now a big fan of Watami hahahaa. We’re looking for a nice Japanese resto in SM MOA and she just recommend that we eat our snacks here. I told her that we should try other Japanese resto nearby, but I think she loves to eat here because of the nice ambiance, quiet and comfortable dining of Watami.

Also, after we dined here, we just missed the signage that they offer 30% if you used your BDO credit card, so if you will eat here, just use your card and get a 30% off in your bill. Just look for the promo poster to any resto that are a part of Bistro Group.

Watami again in SM MOA
Watami….sounds like the classic movie Watari..
ohh we meet again! At around 4pm of Monday, we are the only customer inside their branch in SM MOA.

Watami again in SM MOA
Our 1st visit last time gave me a 50-50 good impression about Watami, because of the taste didn’t reached my expectation, but I gave them a chance and will try again to eat here and order a different food.

But I’m soooooo interested to try their Ramen!!! damn..its so expensive! so my big guess is that the Ramen in Spicy Miso Soup with a price of Php 415 might be the best seller or best tasty food in Watami.

Watami again in SM MOA
Looking at their menu and spotted this Pepper Beef Rice in stone pot with a price of Php 245

Watami again in SM MOA
and here’s more favorite labeled food in their menu

for a detailed list of their menu - visit -

Watami again in SM MOA
I let my wife Lace order the rest for us… we waited for 10-15 minutes
while waiting…. we watch the Food Network inside the resto, they have two cable TV placed in two corners of the resto, we sat here in the middle area of the resto, just to have a better view of the cable TV hahhaa.

Watami again in SM MOA
Free service tea is served always….

Watami again in SM MOA
Beef Pepper Rice in Stone Pot (Php 245)

Watami again in SM MOA
Salmon Rice (Php 385)
half bowl only… my wife requested to divide the bowl into two small bowls in order for us to share

Watami again in SM MOA
Cold Soba with Tempura (Php 375)

Watami again in SM MOA
Cold Soba

Watami again in SM MOA
Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 75)
This is for my son.. hahaha he always eat dessert before eating the heavy meals.

Watami again in SM MOA
Time to eat……

Watami again in SM MOA
The fate of my Beef Pepper Rice in Stone Pot
They served this to me in hot hot hot stone pot, the rice and beef are sizzling but smokeless. I didn’t expected that I will have to cook my food first before eating..I’m too lazy that day and not in the mood to cook my beef, I just ordered the wrong meal of the day… shucks… But my tummy crumbles and I need to work with it for 10 minutes… mixing the rice and let the beef be cooked first. Talk about the hassle!

Watami again in SM MOA
Instead of eating my meal inside the never ending hotness of the stone pot, I transfered my rice and beef in another bowl and let the heat off my meal. The result……. .Pepper Lunch is much more better… sorry Watami…

I will try our expensive ramen next time in my next visit…hope you can make me happy!!!
well.for me wife…she’s happy with the food she ordered…its just my expectations are too high and it didn’t reach the home run score awwwww.

Better next time to me.

Watami Philippines
with two branch - SM Mall of Asia and Glorietta 1
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