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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

#SmartMusic - New online music portal launched by Smart and MCA Music to offer Php 20 or Php 15 per song

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
Smart Communications and MCA Music just launched a new music portal online where you can download an affordable Php 20 per track for new release music or PHp 15 per track of music in the catalog (older titles). The launch is a partnership of two companies that will bring big change to our local music scene and it will also change the way people buy their music online. Some iOS lovers do purchase their music via iTunes, others are buying music from non well known website. But with the popularity of smartphones and mobile internet, everyone now can grab a music wherever they go for just Php 20.

It’s time to say good bye to LSS, and let’s hear some real music. MCA Music just put up a large library of music and tracks licensed under their company and Smart will put this up online to Smart Music website as the publisher and for them to control the mobile commerce.

The event launch last night is jam packed with celebs and musicians from different genre.
You can check my event photo coverage here at

Smart Music Portal - Philippines' biggest online music portal 2013-07-09 10-41-55
Visit :

Last night, they invited us to try the Smart Music, so I registered it using my iPhone, but I suspect that downloading Mp3 and installing it in my iPhone will not work, so we did an experiment and it didn’t work hahaha. So it means that Smart Music and Mp3 downloading will just work in Google Android devices and wap enabled phones or phones that can receive Mp3 via online. So after registering my number using my iPhone, and learned that it won’t work..I re-registered again using my Samsung S1 powered by Android.

Take note that:
this service is offered only to Smart prepaid, postpaid, broadband, Infinity and Talk n Text Subscribers only.

Registering to Smart Music is FREE
and after registering they will give you TWO free downloadable songs as freebies ( offered til August 8, 2013 only)

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
Visit using your Android devices (tablet or smartphone)
You can browse through the online catalog and also try the preview of each songs

Go to Register and enter all details.
After registering, you will receive a SMS notification with your unique scrambled letters password
(I’m still using that password and haven’t change it yet to my own password)

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
Once you got your password via SMS
You can use that to Log in…and then you can now download your FREE two songs

Above: Here’s a sample page of Smart Music via touch screen and I’m viewing the page of “Better Days” music by Franco , this being sold as Php 20 per track, but I can get it for FREE since I’m a new member of Smart Music.

Click Confirm if you want to download the music.

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
Then press Download to get the Mp3

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
Downloading will start…

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
Users will received a SMS notification – a thank you note for purchasing the music
This is very helpful to notify the user incase of someone uses your phone and download music / or someone uses your account without your knowledge.

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
I’m using my mobile wifi that night and it looks like that 4MB takes longer and I waited for Greyson Chance finished his 3 song live performance last night. Maybe because that there are too many users are downloading last night during the public launch.

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
Music is now download complete!!!!!

#SmartMusic x MCA launch in Hyve photos by Azrael Coladilla
Now listening to it….. wow!!

Smart Music can be also accessed via PC or Laptop, you can log in from your laptop or PC and download MP3 directly to your unit, then you can transfer it later to your mp3 player, smartphone and iPhones!

Thanks @joeyalarilla  for this pic .. Yeah @popazrael is here at #smartmusic
Me at the launch of Smart Music  (thanks to Joey Alarilla for this photo)

What’s the benefit of Smart Music ?
1. You can download music anytime and anywhere with Smart
2. Php 20 or Php 15 per track is now the main price of music being downloaded online – so affordable
3. No need to buy the entire album
4. You need a music track for your presentation and you are in a beach hahahaha, go Google? or go with Smart Music ?
5. Got bored during your travel, its an 11 hour road trip and you want more music – go and download at Smart Music
6. You heard a new track in the radio and it glued to you like its LSS forever, go get that music at Smart Music
7. Restaurant owners who want to have a good music to add ambiance to their resto, go get and download one music at Smart Music
8. Downloaded music are licensed and legal in Smart Music ( you can brag that your music is from Smart Music and not from torrent ahhaha)
9. Music can be grab so smoothly and there’s a big library provided by MCA Music
10. Balut Radio will be included in Smart Music – new mainstream online radio is on the rise!
11. Maybe in the future – concert tickets, Music CDs or DVD, artist merchandise can be purchase also here in Smart Music – using your load…
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