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Friday, September 27, 2013

City of Bacoor, Cavite celebrates Bakood Festival 2013 this Sept 28, 2013 (schedules of parade)
This September 28, 2013 is the grand festival of Bacoor City, the first city you will reach if you are coming from Coastal road in Manila. I lived near the town for almost 8 years already and I always see banners and posters every year of Bacoor City’s Bakood Festival. I don’t know what’s the main festival, and what to see there, but every year in a month of September, Bakood Festival is said to be the grandest festival celebration here in Cavite.

I got details from the press con and coming from the local government under Mayor Strike Revilla, he said that Bakood Festival will celebrate as our 1st National Marching Band Festival, based from last year’s count, they have a total of 50 marching bands coming from Bacoor City, the only town in the Philippines to have the biggest marching band parade.

Bakood Festival’s celebration is also inline with the 342nd Founding Anniversary of Bacoor, and the festival’s new theme for this year is -- “Musiko: The Grandest Marching Band Parade in the Philippines”

The city is famous for its marching bands, which highlights the talent of Bacoorenos in music. Historically, marching bands have played a significant role in the revolutionary era in times of triumph and defeat. In recent years, though, members have different interesting stories to tell – from the young being able to finish school by being members of the band, to tradition of playing being passed on from generation to generation in the family.
There’s no plan yet for a Guinness Book of World Record, because the city is not prepared in creating a world record, but the main focus here is to established the biggest and grandest marching band parade in the country. Colorful costumes, fancy drills and dance routine, a spectacle of sights, sounds and merriment will be experienced this September 28, 2013.

Bakood Festival in Bacoor City, Cavite will have 3 events happening at the same time in 3 different venues. Sept 28, 2013 will be a busy day for Bacoorenos in Cavite, some parts of the roads in Molino and inside Bacoor will be closed down starting at 1pm in preparation of the grand parade.

The main parade will happen at the New Bacoor Government Center aka Municipal Center of Bacoor, which is now located in Molino, Bacoor City, Cavite.

The festival is called “Bakood”, because during the Spanish times, Bacoor has many bamboo trees around the corners and the people who lived here are using bamboos as their fence, and when a Spaniard visited the place, they asked a local what town that they arrived in,the local replied “bakood” which means “fence” or “bakod” in Filipino language, the local thought that the Spaniard is asking them what they are doing and the Spaniards saw the locals are making fence made of bamboo stems. After that, the Spaniard thought that they are in the town of Bakood.

If you wan to visit Bacoor City in Cavite this Bakood Festival 2013,
read below the schedules of the parade and contest

Sept. 28, 2013
1pm –4pm
Parade of 50 marching bands (route: Mabolo to Talaba, Evangelista Road)
Float Parade and Street dance (route: RFC Molino to Bayanan, Molino blvd. to New Govt Center)
Drum and Lyre contest (at the grounds of New Govt. Center)

4pm-6pm at New Govt. Center
Opening ceremony
Opening production number
Welcome remarks from Vice Governor Jolo Revilla
Message from Congresswoman Lani Mercado-Revilla
Invitational exhibition of 6 bands
Mayor’s AVP
Message from Hon. Mayor Strike Revilla
Unity in Music (11 Bacoor marching bands all in 1 performance)
Awarding Ceremony
Closing Ceremony
Fireworks Display

Here are some photos from 2012 Bakood Festival
march band 1 march band 2march band 3 march band 4march band 6 march band 5
“Just like a marching band, Bacoorenos stick together and march together united towards a common direction under one baton, our vision of progress for the City of Bacoor.”
- City Mayor Strike B. Revilla

One of the event highlights is the joint performance of the City of Bacoor’s 12 marching bands – Anak Zapote Band, Banda 96, Original Band, Banda 8, Family Band, El Gobernador, St. Michael Band, Banda Uno, Mediatrix Band, San Lorenzo Band, Black Nazarene, and the Bacoor Unity Band.
For further details and inquiries, contact Maestro Avelino Mendoza (Bacoor Unity Band coordinator), 0907 254 6884, City Tourism Development Office (046) 434 4466 local 401, Public Information Office, (046) 434 4466 local 110.

City of Bacoor website and social networks!/pages/Local-Government-of-Bacoor/194115273982761

Bakood Festival marching band pics via

Here are some photos from the press con of Bakood Festival
Mayor Strike Revilla ( sitting in the middle)

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