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Monday, September 30, 2013

Everyday extraordinary at the new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 26th St. Bistro in Global City

If you want to experience something that is extraordinary and want to have it in a daily basis,then I suggest you should visit the all new…all different branch and bistro concept of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Global City located at the 26th Street. The new branch is called “CBTL 26th Bistro”. The new branch is no longer a cafĂ© or your regular coffee store, the new store gives a different take of a former coffee store to a full scale bistro or restaurant. It means, here in CBTL 26th Bistro, there are more coffee, tea and also food. We know that CBTL offers the best food for your breakfast, like my favorite Egg’s Benedict and Food for thought, the best is that they offer it as an all-day breakfast meal and I really like that, and my wish has been granted for more food at CBTL.

But the good news here is that.. more new food for us CBTL fans and lovers. I patronize all coffee store here in Manila, because it’s the best venue for me to do meetings, met people, chat with friends and finish my blogging back logs over a hot black coffee. And in every coffee store there’s always a specialty that they an offer to us, like this new bistro store of CBTL.

The new concept store gave me a new extraordinary experience which I haven’t felt before from other coffee store brands. There’s some kind of evolution happening at CBTL hahaha. Their bistro concept store is the 1st store here in Manila, and I’m not sure when will be their next bistro concept store. I almost forgot to ask if 26th Bistro will be opened for 24 hours.

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary this 2013, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has become one of the world’s best-loved brands because of the extraordinary passion and craft it puts into its specialty coffees and teas. Now The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Philippines once again delivers extraordinary experiences every day for its customers with its latest innovation and unique dining concept, the 26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.

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Here’s the set up and interior inside their CBTL 26th st. Bistro.
Its different and when you enter inside, you’ll never feel the CBTL aura, but when you saw the counter, you’ll know that you are in CBTL hahaha.

High ceiling, nice floor design, wooden chairs and all mix of red, brown and black colors adding to our comfy visuals

The see through glass wall adds natural ambient lighting to the bistro, using natural resources like the sun.

its big and there are lots of room for everyone. There’s a dining area for groups, for single and also for people who want to relax and have quiet area.

IMG_8104 IMG_8112
I always see the new branch of CBTL there in Global City, but I don’t have the time back them to try it, there’s a lot of buzz lately in my foodie group about the opening of CBTL 26th Bistro, and we are excited to try it and we’re glad that they invited us food bloggers to check out and dine there.

Here's a price list:
Coffee - Php 125
Tea Latte - Php 165
Ice Blended beverages - Php 165 - Php 175 - Php 185

White wine - Php 375 per glass, Php 1950 per bottle
Red wine - Php 325 per glass, Php 1750 per bottle

Heineken - Php 155 per bottle
Stella Artois - Php 155
Hoegaarden - Php 175
Amstel Light - Php 175

Softdrinks - Php 70
Juice - Php 117

All day breafast
Yogurt and granola - Php 225
Classic french toast - Php 235
Peach stuffed French toast - Php 295
Croque Madame - PHp 325
Eggs Benedict - Php 325
Smoked Salmon Florentine - Php 345
26th St. Breakfast Platter - Php 345
Steak and eggs - Php 395

Classic - Php 215
Banana choco chip - Php 225
Blueberry pistachio - Php 325
Rum caramel with toasted pecan - Php 235
Toblerone with salted caramel - Php 235

3-egg omelettes
Arugula, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan and feta cheese - Php 345
Turkey ham, mozzarella cheese, peppers and tomato - Php 345
Smoked Salmon, onions, cream cheese and capers - Php 365
Mushroom, cream cheese and truffle oil - Php 365

Filipino breakfast
Smoked milkfish - Php 355
US Angus tapa - Php 395
Chicken longganisa - Php 395

Rosti (a Swiss potato cafe made from layers of grated potatoes fried til golden brown)
Classic - Php 245
Smoked salmon, sunny side up and sour cream - Php 345
Chicken ham, sunny side up, provolone cheese sauce - Php 365

Asparagus creme - Php 195
Wild mushroom - Php 225
Tiger prawn bisque - Php 235

Insalata Ruchetta - Php 245
Salad Nicoise - Php 245
Tiger prawn and mango salad with wasabi dressing - Php 325
Salmon fishcakes and greens - Php 345

Classic burger - Php 345
Cheeseburger - Php 375
26th st. bistro burger - Php 395
Smoked salmon and dill cream bagel - Php 315
Open faced tuna melt - Php 325
Grilled chicke pesto - Php 345
Grilled chicken pesto - Php 345
Grilled 3 cheese - Php 345
Portabello mushroom ciabatta - Php 395

26th st. Fish n chips - Php 375
Roast chicken with spiced red bell pepper sauce - Php 395
Hanging tender steak with potato gratin and marsala - Php 475
Herb crusted salmon with lemon risotto and hollandaise sauce - Php 495
Surf n turf - Php 495
Slow braised beef short ribs - Php 495
Grilled lamb chops with ratatouille and rosemary marble potatoes - Php 525

Pesto fusilli with toasted pine nuts - Php 365
Seafood Marinara - Php 395
Tiger prawn and shiitake mushroom linguine - Php 395
Spinach farfalle with pine nuts and blue cheese - Php 395

Pannacotta sampler - Php 235
Chocolate Lava ala mode - Php 235
Apple crumble ala mode - Php 235

Cakes - Php 115-Php 125-Php 155

Pastries - Php 55 - Php 80 - Php 85

We dine here at the other side of CBTL, it’s a big room that can accommodate up to 20 people.

Here’s my blogger buds so busy blogging on the spot hahaha.. as usual

and here’s what they served to us -- in bite size version (and not actual bistro serving)

Wild Mushroom Soup (Php 225)
Thick and flavorul soup made with three kinds of mushrooms: button, shiitake and portobello
- my favorite soup of the month!!! I’m a mushroom lover and this soup will be the reason for me to come back at CBTL 26th Bistro.

Salmon Fishcakes and Greens (Php 345)
Pan fried Norweigan salmon cakes served with smoked paprika aioli and mixed greens, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette

Tiger prawn and shiitake mushroom linguine (Php 325)
White sauce based linguine pasta served with seared tiger prawns and shiitake mushrooms

Hanging tender steak with potato gratin and marsala (Php 475)
Pan roasted hanging tender steak served with potato gratin and marsala sauce
- yes…they now serve steak!!! whoohohh!

Chocolate Lava a la mode (Php 235)

Apple Crumble ala Mode (Php 235)

- I didn’t like super sweet desserts, but my favorite that night is this Apple crumble ala mode


So here’s CBTL inviting you to have an extraordinary experience here at their new branch

Its everyday extraordinary!
yeah, its not normal for me to hold a wooden signage hahaha

dinner with blogger friends – Raffy, Enzo, Glenn and Nina of CBTL / /

with blogger couple – Abet and Joan www.foodalphabet.blogspotcom

Photo with our CBTL barista – @princesmargaret

A panoramic view of my dining place

my panoramic view of the other table.

“The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is known for its innovation,” reveals Walden. “We were the first to offer the Original Ice Blended® Drink, the first to offer Tea Latte, and the first to offer handcrafted brews made at home with the CBTL Single-Serve Beverage System. We took that passion for innovation and craftsmanship and applied it to 26th St. Bistro’s menu, with unique dishes like Toblerone Pancakes with Salted Caramel, Spinach and Blue Cheese Farfalle, Slow Roasted Braised Beef Short Ribs, Lamb Chops with Ratatouille and Rosemary Marbled Potatoes, and a Pannacotta Sampler infused with Vanilla, Earl Grey Tea, and Espresso.
With 26th St. Bistro, we want to create an elevated casual dining experience that’s distinctively different and can stand on its own, but would still be recognizable to our customers as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® they know and love.”
Located within Bonifacio Global City at the corner of 26th St. and 5th Avenue, the first and flagship branch of 26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has already been in operation for several months. For Ortigas customers, a second branch opened at the East Wing, 5th Level of the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.
To learn more about 26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, or to share your own experiences, use the hashtag #everydayextraordinary on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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