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Monday, September 30, 2013

For your travel needs: Flight 001 Manila store launch in Shangri La Plaza East Wing

Traveling will be more fun because the world's premiere travel store, Flight 001 (flight one) just launched their 3rd store here at the new East Wing of Shangri La Plaza mall, it is the biggest store of Flight 001 and they got lots of stocks of items that you need for your travel. I’m not familiar with the store when I heard about this Flight 001 and I thought that they are some kind of travel and luggage bags, but when I witness the grand opening of their new store, I saw Flight 001 is like a travelers haven, because they got the state of the art travel bags and items that can make your life easy whenever you go around the country or around the world.

here’s a short history of Flight 001 store

This one-stop travel store was conceived in 1998 aboard Air France flight 023 somewhere between New York and Paris. John Sencion and Brad John, two business travelers who had spent far too much time preparing for their trip, envisioned a travel store as streamlined as flight itself. Luckily for travelers of every kind, their mid-air detour resulted in a jetsetter’s dream: an all inclusive, retro-modern retail experience that satisfies the frequent traveler’s every need.
For more info about Flight 001

Here’s the local store owners and distributor for Flight 001 and together with the store co-founder Brad John

spotted at the event are fashion and travel bloggers

My first reaction to see their FAs are wow!!!! hahahah, they look like real FA but they are models for the store launch, and standing with them is travel blogger Melody Co of

The Flight 001 logo is just simple and not too flashy, it displays a simple text and colors that is similar to a plane’s airline number.

The most impressive at Flight 001 is the store’s interior design. Here they imitated a 747 Jet fuselage, when you are inside, you'll feel that you are inside a plane. Flight 001 shows here the look and feel of a 747 Jet back in 1950's and 60s.

Flight 001 co-founder Brad John

”We are excited to show everybody all our Flight 001 products and show you how to travel with glamor and old fashion way. I'm going to demonstrate to you my favorite product today and show you how to really travel. And I'm going to show you the Spacepak packing system. “

P8267216 P8267218
Brad John showed to us that small bag – it is the Flight 001 Spacepak bag, a special bag with a packing system maximizes cabin-size luggage space by compressing the air out of two weeks’ worth of clothes.

P8267220 P8267224
It’s crazy!! two weeks of clothes can fit in that small bag. But its real…here he showed to us on how to pack it and use the Spacepak bag.

P8267226 P8267228
It fits… clothes only, I heard that the Spacepak bag is worth around Php 1.7k at Flight 001 store

to know more about Spacepak bag, check this --

The Spacepak bag is just one of the original designed bags by Flight 001, here they have luggage and Go Clean pack bag.

P8267291 P8267282
You can buy the entire set or you can buy a piece of it.
When we saw the good use of the Spacepak bag, all of us bloggers really want to own one hahah. I wonder which of us will buy one first.

Flight 001’s campaign to travel with old fashion and pack your stuff easy makes me turn to travel more and pack lightly. With the new items from Flight 001, every travelers need are available in their store. The price is quiet okay for travel items, and I love the design because its unique and there’s really a purpose why Flight 001 brought those items here, because we pinoys love to travel around.

Here are some items found at Flight 001 store

P8267251 P8267252
Fashionable travel bags and luggage / plastic pouch that can protect your travel documents

P8267253 P8267254
Vinyl quality pouch for your travel documents and money / stylish eye cover

P8267255 P8267256
Here I discovered that they sell Backjoy seat here, that seat is very helpful for good posture when you sat on your chair for hours / X-ray envelope for your travel docus.

More foldable pouches with labels

P8267260 P8267261
More stylish bags

P8267262 P8267263
Bags for her

P8267265 P8267264
ohh back packs!!! / I want to buy my new back pack here if ever my newly bought backpack is already worn out. (ahem…bought that for Php500 in a dept. store lol )

P8267266 P8267269
Bag tags!!! travelers needs this.. / and a wide selection of small gadgets for your mobile devices, for each travelers, a mobile device is a must have for communication and travel guide.

P8267268 P8267270
more pouches and gadget bags

P8267271 P8267272
Some wearable mini bags for travel docus

P8267273 P8267274
Digi Pak camera casing and splash proof pouch

P8267275 P8267276
More pouches!!!

P8267277 P8267278
Shoe bag
P8267279 P8267280
and more travel bags…. I just can’t remember the use of that gray pouch.

Here I played around with my camera and pose with this cute travel pouches

Always…turn your phones to AIRPLANE MODE!

P8267300 P8267301
Flight 001 also distribute this Breo watches… I got one from the event Smile and I’m using it already.

Here are some photos from the event launch

P8267164 P8267165P8267166 P8267168P8267185 P8267187P8267203 P8267206P8267207 P8267208P8267232 P8267236
They also awarded a winner here at the event, a plane ticket for two going to NYC. The contest was a raffle for customers who bought new items in Flight 001’s two other stores.

Thank you Flight 001!!! hope you can expand more here in Manila!
and pls..bring more Spacepaks for us!

About Flight 001Flight 001, the world’s only travel lifestyle brand, is an all-inclusive retail experience that addresses every travel need with style and comfort. The name was inspired by Pan Am flight 1, the world’s first round-the-world flight, which made stops in Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Calcutta, Delhi, Beirut, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London, and finally New York. Flight 001 has 19 stores globally, of which the 11 stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are operated under Flight 001 Asia, a partner of the Primer Group. For more information, please visit or
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