Rendang mix and paste from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After my 1st trip in Malaysia last May 2013, I bought a jar of rendang sauce in Dama Sheng store in Genting highlands, the rendang sauce brand is "Lian", I searched on the net if ever we have those sauce here in Manila, but there's no info or even digital foot print about Lian brand. Then my wife told me that I should buy here a new set of rendang sauce. She even threaten me that I must not go home in the country without any rendang sauce ( I know she's just joking hahaa)

I roam around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I didn't found any single wrap of a rendang sauce or mix, I visited some malls, convenience store, and the Central Market, there's no sign or store selling a rendang sauce.

I'm glad that we met Mommy Cita in Petaling Jaya, we met her inside A&W fastfood while we are lining up to order our food, she talked to us and got curious if we are Malaysians, they our friend Raffy told her that we are Filipino tourist and we are lost hahahaa.  Mommy Cita offered a car ride going to our next destination, and then I asked her if she know a store that sells a rendang sauce, then she said to me that her friend has a store nearby and after dropping us in Merdekarya music venue, she went to her friend's store and grabbed some rendang for me.

She arrived in Merdekarya music venue and meets me there again, she gave a plastic bag full of rendang mix and paste and she even brought her store owner friend hahahah.

I was about to pay her back for the rendang and she said it was okay and everything is already covered by her...awwwww so sweet...thank you Mommy Cita!!
Pes Rendang paste is made by Maggi, I doubt that we have that here in Manila..and the Babas Serbuk Rendang mix is very new to me. I didn't know why some store don't sell this spicy rendang mix. I saw that some store sell some curry powder or sauce, but its a normal flavor for us, but with a rendang sauce..its a mind blown flavor.

If you know a store here in Manila that sells RENDANG...pls let me know...

you can email me at AZRAEL @ GMAIL . COM