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Friday, October 25, 2013

75th Oktoberfest Manila 2013–coverage, beer, babes, F1, beer, music, sausage, dancing, all happened at Sofitel Manila

Don’t wake me up when Oktoberfest ends, because I still want a big jug of beer besides me and it’s a bit weird that the beer tastes better here at the Oktoberfest Manila at Sofitel, I know it’s San Miguel Beer, but drinking it during a big grand beer fest is very special and I like it! We didn’t got drunk, but it helped me get a little energy to power up my evening, I was sick that day and I thought I’ll end up going home before the beer party starts, I’m glad that beer song and dance added some kick and gave me a sweat.

The Oktoberfest Manila in Sofitel, that celebrates the awesome 75th years of beerfest and Bavarian culture here in our country and also marks the 4th year official event here at Sofitel. The Germans sure know how to organize a beer party, its similar on what we have in every town fiesta, but this is different and will be remembered as years passed by, I just can’t wait for another October next year, but before that, I need to practice more of that beer dance.

Thanks to Sofitel Manila for inviting us!
check out their website for more events and offerings at

Just scroll down, I have lots of photos here in my blog post about the recent Oktoberfest Manila 2013.

here are my blogger buds who joined in a long table of fun, sausages, beer and dance

Lace of
John of
Joana of
Dennis of
Marjorie of
Jonel of

PA192771 PA192772
I’m here with my wife Lace, we didn’t got a time to have a beer party after she gave birth to our 1st child, and now after 3 years, we can now go party!! wohoohh.. its couples time!


After arriving at the table, we went directly to the buffet and started to pick up our own favorite food, here we see John having a big platter of German sausages.

PA192940 PA192943
I also spotted Viva Andrada of F*ART store and PR pro guy Tony Ahn

beer cheers to all!

Oktoberfest Manila will not be happy if there’s no San Miguel Beer around the venue, I’m glad that this is still the best beer in the world!

My first beer of the day! ohhh baby yeeahhh!

PA192777 PA192780
The event haven’t started yet, we arrived at around 6:30pm and you can see that there are lots of vacant seats, people are coming in every minute and after a few hours, the whole Harbor tent of Sofitel is in full house. The event host mentioned that tickets got sold out for this two day event.


Reading the program and here we learned that Bavarian Sound Express will play for day 2 woohohoho.

PA192784 PA192786
here’s my wife’s first plate… ahhaha.. all fruits.. oh c’mon honey! eat some more meat!

time for some selfie fun! while we wait for the other guest to arrive and start of the program


the dining table

the stage

PA192796 PA192797
here are our food for the whole evening!!!

PA192798 PA192800PA192802 PA192801PA192803 PA192805
German sausage galore!!! they are every where!!! my favorite is the one with cheese inside the sausage.

more meat!!

PA192808 PA192809
chicken and ham

PA192810 PA192811
crispy pork knuckles and roasted beef

PA192812 PA192813


spotted some costumed beings at the Oktoberfest Manila 2013, I heard that these guys came from Sydney

PA192816 PA192817
And here’s my plate! ahahaha.. just a few meat and sausages, I don’t want to stuffed my self that night because I ‘m not 100% feel okay.


The program started and everyone raised their mugs with beer in the air to signal the start of the mighty Oktoberfest Manila here in Sofitel

PA192830 PA192843
President of German Club and Pres. of Sofitel Manila

Girls are in all Bavarian costume selling some merch and raffle coupons to us / and that’s our busy table. John is still attacking the sausages.

PA192845 PA192847
cheers everyone!!!!!!!!!!

and now we started to sing and dance with the beer song!!!

I’m familiar with the song and dance already, so I just showed off a little and joined the dance fun

PA192851 PA192852
strong..swim…jump…tall…. lalalalalala!
PA192864 PA192854
hahhaha! saw my wife Lace dancing too!

But that was not yet the start of the Oktoberfest, it all started when the ceremonial event started after they smashed the beer barrel with a hammer

and catch all the juicy beer falling out of the beer barrel. This is the signal that the Oktoberfest Manila 2013 is here!

Bavarian Sound Express played some tunes for us.

PA192924 PA192926
It’s more beer fun here in the Philippines!!!

cheers guys!!

Me and wife left the venue at around 9pm, we want to go home early because we don’t have the car with us, and we went home via taxi. The fever is gone and my body started to feel normal, I think its true that beer is healthy, all we have to do is drink moderately and eat the right food with the beer.

The Oktoberfest Manila 2013 is super fun!!! I want to join again for next year in Oktoberfest Manila 2014.
See you next year!!

and thanks again Sofitel Manila!

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