Lace’s homemade Pata Tim

My wife started to show off here at home by cooking this Pata Tim in one hit hahaa, Mama was here at home and she’s impressed on how soft and tasty of our home made Pata tim, we ate this for our dinner and thanks to Lace for cooking this for us. She knows that Pata tim is one of my favorite food that I order whenever we eat in a Chinese restaurant. My last Pata tim, with delicious version of its kind, was in Kung Fu Kitchen, and I remember that we ate there during my birthday. Its one of my birthday request that we should put Pata Tim in our table for our lunch, because for me..its special. Cakes are no longer working for me, but if you have Pata Tim or a yummy Spaghetti with Ragu sauce, It will be the best meal ever in my life.

I didn’t expect that Lace will cook this for us, I don’t have that confident that she can nail a good Pata tim, but I was wrong, she nailed it very quick and its like a restaurant quality food already… wow!!

She added some mushrooms and some sauce.. But I told her to add more sauce..because the sauce is the main spirit of the Pata Tim.

She cooked this for hours and Im not sure if the boiling part of the pork knuckles was around 4 hours on top of our stove.

But still…I didn’t know that my new favorite Pata tim with the tastiest of the all will be here at home. so good bye restaurants!!!

Lace is starting to cook here at home, because she’s preparing for an early retirement.