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Sunday, October 20, 2013

My defective Olympus digital Zuiko lenses (insert sad face here)

I’m having the biggest problem for my camera and I encountered this for the very first time, the most horrifying incident is that when your lenses for your Olympus DSLR are no longer working properly.

In this post, I share my problems that I have with my Zuiko lens 14-42mm lens for my Olympus E-520 and my m.Zuiko 14-42 lens for my Olympus E-PL1.

Yes, both cameras are facing the same problems and I’m having a hard time in taking good photos for my blog. But I manage to adapt with the problem but its still got no convenience and the tech for the camera no longer works for me.

Okay here’s the problem

Zuiko lens 14-42mm of my Olympus E-520 suffered an aperture lock, I encountered this during a band coverage and after shooting some photos, my view finder suddenly turns black and the result of the photo is so dark. Then I checked the lens and it seems the aperture didn’t stayed normal and it stayed and lock to small aperture, my estimate is f/22.

I can still use my E-520 dslr camera with my 40-150mm, but the other lens is a bit useless, it works properly if ever I’m in slow shutter mode

Next problem, my m.Zuiko lens 14-42mm of my Olympus E-PL1, the AF feature is no longer working, the motor in the lens might be broken, I don’t know what’s the cause of the problem, maybe the lens started to give up because I use this as my main camera for travel and shoot in events, Normally, the lens’ motor have noisy sound when you do Auto Focus, When I tried the 14-42mm version 2 for m4/3 Olympus camera there’s no noise and it got a faster AF. This makes me think of buy a new prime lens with ver. 2 tech, and maybe a new 14-42mm ver.2

Since the AF is dead, I now switched to Manual when I take pics and video, but it took me some time to get the right focus with the E-PL1 whenever I shoot, because its hard to figure out the right focus when you are viewing it in a live view LCD screen.

Now I have two lens problems and I need to bring them to a reliable camera repair shop, Now, the question is.. where’s the repair shop? I want to bring this to an authorized Oly camera repair shop, but I hear lots of BAD feedback from their customers, one of the guy I know even took a year for him to get his camera back in shape after it was repaired from that store.

There’s a photo store here in a nearby mall that offers repair service, I will try them first if they can fix this lens problems.

To Oly users, have you encountered this before ?

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