Sentro 1771 launches their new menu this 2013

The best modern Filipino cuisine is served here in Sentro 1771, my first encounter years ago is a blast and I was introduced to their special Corned beef sinigang, Calderetang lamb, the Pumpkin flower salad and the yummy Sentro 1771 Halo Halo. But for this year, they are going for the next level to introduce more modern Filipino food concept with combination of French and Swiss style with our Filipino flavors.

Thanks to Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco of Sentro 1771, for bringing more food to their restaurant, but if there’s something new to be added, then there’s a food from their menu that will removed for the moment. Not sure if it will return, but according to Chef Vicky that its part of their menu revamp that will test which will click to our flavor.

Here are the list of added new food in Sentro 1771’s menu

- Duck Pancakes (Php 170) Peking pancakes filled with strips of native duck cooked in beer, rhum, vinegar, soy sauce and muscovado sugar
- B2B sticks (Php 150) gizzards cooked in adobo style
- Sugar free Humba – (Php 320) tender pork belly stewed in soy sauce, vinegar, rhum
- Sauteed lengua with mushrooms salpicao (Php 550)
- Tilapia fillets in coconut milk (Php 230)
- Fish of the day (Php 220 per 100g)
- Two egg ampalaya crepe (Php 150)

Camote Cups (Php 240)
carved sweet potato filled with stir fried veggies

B2B sticks (Php 150) gizzards cooked in adobo style

Macau chorizo and cheese tidbits

Fried suman

Leche flan with salted egg and cheese ball

Banana tart

Two egg ampalaya crepe (Php 150)

Grilled pampano fish

Sinigang corned beef (Php

Lamb Caldereta (Php 480)

Chicken adobo sa gata (Php 250)

Seafood bagoong rice (Php 530)

Dalandan fresh juice

the new food here in Sentro 1771. As of now they are now updating their menu.

Dining scenes at Sentro 1771

Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco of Sentro 1771

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I’m happy with the turn out of the new menu, there’s new food concept and more modern Filipino cuisine with a twist of foreign style, but I still love the old menu, because my all time favorites are there, like the Sinigang Corned beef, Lamb Caldereta, and now my new favorite the Chicken adobo sa gata and the Macau chorizo and cheese tidbits, there’s new flavors that gave me a go signal to order this in my next visit. But my old favorites still remains and its hard for me to order those new food here at Sentro 1771. But for the food adventurers, I highly suggested that you try the camote cups and grilled pampano fish.

There are more new food coming in at Sentro 1771, and during this food taste testing last Sept. 2013, they informed us that they are now updating everything and they will start to add this new food starting that month.

What do you think about the new food of Sentro 1771?
will it be the next food favorite?

Sentro 1771
branch in Greenbelt 3 and Serendra BGC

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