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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My food adventure at Seafood Island’s National Boodle Day

Here’s my post and story about Seafood Island’s National Boodle Day, the national food event was organized by this restaurant last Sept 16, 2013 and it’s a part of their 1st year anniversary, inline with that, they offered a Php999 boodle meal for just one day. They invited me to join the celebration and I chose to eat and have my boodle fest there in SM MOA.

I was alone that time, and my friends will be celebrating their boodle fest in another branch of Sea Food Island, but I was in SM MOA that time and I have no time to travel back to Ortigas Center, and it will take more hours for me to arrive there, so thanks to Seafood Island for allowing me to celebrate there in their SM MOA branch.

I’m glad that they served to me the Dagupan boodle. whew! I can finish this in one inhale.

national boodle fest
The National Boodle Day!
Here’s Seafood Island in SM MOA.

The first plan was celebrate the boodle fest in Market Market branch, but then I told my blogger friend that I won’t make it there because I have an appointment in the evening, so I requested that I can make it for lunch in their Robinsons Galeria branch, they said it was okay and the manager will wait for me there, but then I failed to go to Galeria because of my schedule haahaha, then I was informed that there’s a group already celebrating the boodle fest in Magnolia branch, I told them its too far and I won’t make it on time, and then my final idea is to eat there in their SM MOA branch, because my next destination is in SM MOA, they agreed that I can do it there, after 30 minutes of confirmation, I proceeded to Seafood Island SM MOA and then their staff and resto manager accommodated me smoothly.

There’s the sign…. its really Php 999

Time to order my boodle meal

complete name of the resto is Blackbeard’s Seafood Island

P9169541 P9169542
Inside the resto

They have their own mascot inside the resto hhahaha. There’s a mime that greets the customers who comes in and then do some comedic acts, I named this mime, Jeman ahahaha

Whoa…. live fish

and crabs!!! now I know that Seafood Island really prepares fresh seafood in our boodle meals

Here’s my Dagupan boodle meal
At first I thought that I will eat the Apo boodle meal, but that was good for 5-6 person, but when the manager of the resto learned that I will eat alone, they just served this Dagupan meal, which is good for two person. Whew!! good problem!, I’m still alone and my meals is for two people hehehe.

My plan that day is to invite my Facebook and Twitter friends to join with me for early dinner, but everyone are still in their office or in a far location. Then my next plan is to invite a random person to eat with me, but I failed to do that…but its okay. I can finish this boodle in one hour hahahaah.

Time to eat!!!
happy National Boodle Day to all!

Here’s my last look of my meal hahahaha
I finished a part of the fish, then finished eating the sea shells, shrimps and some veggies.

Here’s me and the Seafood Island SM MOA team!

thanks guys!!!! see you in the next boodle food event!

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