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Monday, November 04, 2013

ABS CBN launches “O Shopping” home tv shopping channel

ABS CBN invested a total of 200M to launch a new home tv shopping channel and also tie up with a Korean company CJ O Shopping, one of the largest home shopping companies in the world that operates in different countries – in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and Turkey. CJ O Shopping brought in some of the top products they distribute worldwide and now they are here in the Philippines in joint venture with our top broadcasting network, ABS CBN creating a new home tv shopping called “O Shopping”, a tele-shopping channel and service for all pinoys.

All you have to do is watch TV, order the item via phone and pay it via credit card. That’s how tele-shopping works.

ABS CBN did some test broadcast few months ago in Channel 11 in Sky Cable and Destiny Cable, and midnight broadcast in ABS CBN and Studio 23, with the test broadcast going on, they saw a large number of buyers already calling to inquire and buy the products displayed on TV. The free tv broadcast still works even in this age of social media, people without internet at home can still enjoy the convenience of buying items by just sitting in their sofa. I’m not sure if this will still be called online buying, but I read that tele-shopping is the right word here to describe the activities of shoppers and tv broadcast.

O Shopping airs 24/7 in Channel 11 in Sky Cable and Destiny Cable, its weird that I haven’t seen this channel before at home, maybe because that the feed might be dead sometimes whenever I watch TV, but after I attend the launch event of O Shopping, a home I tuned in to Channel 11 in our Sky Cable, and there I saw O Shopping Channel, they displayed the items on TV, do demos and even share reviews about it, The host of O Shopping delivers the message so clearly using our native language, it’s easy to understand what they say about the product and also instead of reading the manual, you can see already on tv how to use those items.

O Shopping products ranges from kitchen items, beauty products and exercise tools. I got a chance to talk to Paolo Pineda, head of ABS-CBN Business Development, and he said that O Shopping will bring more items to the Philippines, all items are directly imported from Korea, all thanks to CJ O Shopping in bringing the items here, for local distribution, ABS CBN’s O Shopping will be doing all the logistics and delivery to tele-shoppers. They have also no plans of putting up an online store or physical store for O Shopping, everything will be done via TV and telephone orders. Local products will appear soon, as Paolo said, as of now they are fixing their delivery logistics, he said that items will be delivered to your home for 5-6 days nationwide. I just hope that they can have 1-2 days delivery if ever in Manila and nearby provinces, but I told him that shopping will be great if their delivery is fast with no delays. For provinces with O Shopping channel, it caters Baguio, Manila, Cebu, Davao, and other provinces with Sky Cable or Destiny Cable.

Paolo Pineda said that in Korea, CJ O Shopping offers grocery deliveries to their customers, but here in the Philippines, grocery tele-shopping will not work here as of now, because perishable goods are still a concern and very fragile, and while food items or even those slimming, whitening or beauty drug products will be not be included in O Shopping list of products.

"O Shopping will also serve as an additional distribution platform for the licensed products under ABS-CBN brands.

We have a complete line of ‘Juan Dela Cruz’ merchandise available, Kris Aquino-branded products, and UAAP merchandise. This is just to complement the existing retail channels that are working with us today,” said Pineda.

Teleshoppers can pay cash on delivery or on mobile POS debit card and credit card (MasterCard and Visa).

here’s a screen cap of O Shopping’s tv ad
you can watch it here via Youtube

at the press con and launch of O Shopping in ELJ Bldg.

Here’s a few words from Chairman Gabby Lopez of ABS CBN

”Today we officially launch O Shopping, ABS CBN's venture for the home tv shopping business. Home tv shopping is not new open to our group, as we opened Sky Mall in the 1990's, we closed it down after a few years after and walked away with a valuable lesson, We need a strong and incompetent partner.

ABS CBN is in the business of reaching audiences, so we needed a partner in the business of selling great products. Last year, we finally found the right partner, CJ O Shopping from Korea. Choosing the CJ group is not the difficult one, since we share the similar history and work culture. Our companies are both founded by family with roots and sugar of the industry, and we are both born exactly 60 years ago, we are working with them since the 18 months and what we have seen, we definitely got the right choice.

We are very excited with our venture, and the last 2 weeks of test broadcast that show already a good results, we like to thank our new friend Chairman Harri Lee and his entire CJ team, for the support and dedication given to the partnership, we look forward to a bright future together. “

CEO Harri Lee of A CJ Shopping

”In 18 months of full dedication, we are pleasant to finally introduce to the public A CJ, home shopping business is a combination of retail, broadcasting, and logistics. We have the full confidence that A CJ will succeed through the synergy of CJ O Shopping business expertise and ABS CBN's trust and strong influence over the Philippines. “

Sample airing of O Shopping

Cheers to O Shopping!

ABS CBN and CJ Shopping cheers to a new partnership

ABS CBN and CJ team

ABS-CBN Business Development head Paolo Pineda, A CJ O president and CEO Eddie Bak, ABS-CBN chairman Eugenio Lopez III, CJ O Shopping CEO Harri Lee, and CJ O Shopping global business executive Kim Young Keun

Here’s O Shopping order for us…delivered in just minutes hahaha.

It’s a take home goodie for us media and bloggers

Thanks and see you on TV O Shopping!

I hope you can put up more items for guys! – like gadgets, grooming gear, and electronic stuff
O Shopping airs around the clock daily on SkyCable and Destiny Channel 11, and airs programs on Studio 23, at 1-2AM and 5-6AM from Mondays to Fridays and at 1-2AM on Saturdays and Sundays, and on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “Banana Nite” from Mondays to Fridays, after “Sports Unlimited” on Saturdays, and after “Sunday’s Best” on Sundays.
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