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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Breakfast at Tully’s Coffee @ The Exchange Regency

I accompanied my wife in Ortigas for her morning meeting, we know that traveling from the south to Ortigas is very chaotic in the morning, that’s why we planned to leave our home and start traveling 4 hours before her meeting. The result is awesome, we arrived so early in Ortigas and the big question is…where do we eat our breakfast, there’s lots of café and fast food around our area, its hard to choose where to eat our breakfast and start the day with an awesome meal that can help fire up the productivity of our day…. then we found a nice coffee shop – Tully’s Coffee, at The Exchange Regency building, it’s a building infront of Benpres Bldg.

We entered Tully’s Coffee and the guard and their baristas greeted us a good morning.

Hey! that was a nice start…so let’s try their food and coffee.

I have heard of Tully’s Coffee before, I’m not sure if I have seen this in an airport or in another country, but when I saw this café here in Pasig City, my mind started to flashback some scenes that I can event remember.

I took some photos of their food but I forgot to take a photo of their dining area and interiors. The most awesome thing here is that the air con is in full blast, lots of dining tables, a nice comfort room, and plus….free wifi for everyone!!, there are also electric sockets too for people who wok while on the go, for me…it’s the best café already!! and I want to go back here if ever I’ll have a morning land drop in Ortigas or Pasig in the future.

The price of their sandwiches are not that expensive…its quite okay and the price offerings are right

Pandesal with palaman woohoohoh!!!!
for only Php 70

I ordered that Chicken and Carrot Pandesal.

My wife Lace ordered that Carrot and Brocolli Quiche, priced at Php 125.
Im planning to order the bacon and cheese, but that will have to wait and I must try first if the food is good here in Tully’s Coffee.

I ordered my brewed coffee and while waiting for the barista to finish preparing my drinks, I borrowed their newspaper and see what’s the news of the day.

oh…Bradley just won the boxing match vs. Marquez… no lucky punch now from Marquez.

and hmmmm…Freedom to travel: our country ranks 69th.
is that good or bad? I hope Japan will issue a no visa soon. #wishkolang

Here’s my pandesal!

and her quiche

After finishing my pandesal, my tummy wants some more of heavy meal, because the coffee is good and my tummy is the main reviewer here if I want to eat or not to eat with a nice coffee. So I went back to the counter and ordered this ensaymada.

their ensaymada is good too… most recommended to try it with a hot black coffee.

My coffee and her hot water… yep! my wife no longer drinks hot coffee

Tully’s Coffee
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