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Saturday, March 02, 2013

SM Southmall big big sale for three days (presenting my shopping hauls)

SM Southmall is one of the nearest mall here in our place in Cavite, and its like a fusion version of SM Megamall, SM North and SM MOA, everything we want from clothing, toys, dining and entertainment are in here, ahem…Imax Theater too. Its just a 30 minutes away from our place and this is the mall we usually hang out and shop every weekend. Although that we have SM Bacoor nearby, we go here in SM Southmall for the ultimate shopping and malling experience. We’re a fan of their Food Street, Toy Kingdom and also the SM Store.

Its their 3 day sale event this weekend, from March 1-3, 2013 and I went there on its 1st day and later on I brought my family with me to go back for day 2 for another shopping spree, I didn’t expected that we shop to the max, I think the summer heat is coming that’s why we need to shop for summer outfit and toys for my son for his outdoor play time.

Here’s the shock of my day, I bought lots of clothes in one day and It’s abnormal for me to shop clothes for myself hahaha. I’m not a shopper guy, but I’m more on a guy who shop for toys and gadgets and other weird items. But for this day, I should allot a time to shop for good clothing for myself. I scored a nice polo and polo shirts with super discounts, I’ll reveal the price later.

On day 2, my wife invaded the Ladies fashion section at the lower ground floor of SM Store. Items are priced dropped and you can see the proof here that some items are having a 50% off discounts. Also, its funny to see that some ladies are starting to be hot headed while lining up to the fitting room hahah. SM Store should provide more fitting room next time.

My little boy also got his own shopping haul, in Toy Kingdom he invited us to that store and told us that he wants a motorbike, we saw a nice electronic motor bike but then he got scared of the light and sound effects, and then he saw this go kart bike ride one, he hop on it and ride like a professional race car driver. I also told my wife to grab a nice helmet, knee, elbow pad sets for our son, and he just don’t like to let go of the go kart bike, it took us an hour to finish his play time and also purchased this ride on toy. Thanks to that sales guy who helped us in assembling the ride on and carrying it for us to the parking lot.

My wife’s purchase got us a FREE parking coupon, a Php 100 coupon and a raffle coupon to win an iPad

The awesome story here is that the go kart bike that we bought is on sale with 20% off, and along with the items we bought have a 10% off, even the magazine.

Before we start our shopping, we ate our lunch here at Black Canyon Coffee, my wife is a big fan of this resto café. We ordered the famous Pad Thai, veggie soup and this Fish Katsudon.

Last Friday, when I went to SM Southmall alone, I ate my snacks here in Karate Kid and here’s a yummy Beef Gyudon.

My shopping for day 1 is not yet finish, because on day 2, my mission is to go shopping with my wife and son.

Below are some scenes, store and items from the 1st day of 3 day sale of SM Southmall

It looks quiet in the mall, but I heard that the shoppers have learned about the 1st 2 hour offer of an additional 10% off during the 1st day sale, and I heard that some shoppers did finish the check out at around 3pm. That’s a long line from 10am-12nn.

SM Store is jam packed as usual, many shoppers at the shoes area and ladies fashion.

lobby of the malls are also accommodating some items coming from the SM Store. Bags, luggages, wallets and belts are on sale here.

A lady here spots the 50% off sign

Shirts, socks and underwears are on sale too.

50% off signs are every where! My tip here is that, if you spot something that you like, grab it while its there for you.

Store tenants of SM Southmall is on sale, and here’s Celine store having a jam pack flow of shoppers.

Folded and Hung

I’m so outdated, I’m not sure if this is G2000 or Guess

The Atrium level is also a mini SM Store. Items with big discounts can be found here also.

Beach wear and other shirts are on sale. Swimming shorts, or just an ordinary shorts are on sale for only P149.75

Some shirts and shorts are at P99 only…wow!

Shoppers foot traffic build up started at around 5pm.

I spotted this men’s wear outlet store, they offer a super price drop of selected items, if you are hunting for some clothing, I suggest you check this outlet store first.

Items from Home World are on sale

Before I go to the SM Store, I visited Toy Kingdom first and I bought some new toys for my son.

The Hexabugs are on sale here, and also I spotted this cute Tomica Hyper Builders truck with a female driver

I was planning to buy a Plarail for my son, but I decided to not buy a rail and start first to acquire the train set. Also this Lightning McQueen bed is perfect for my son, priced at P2999. I took a photo to show this to my wife.

Spotted some super sale toys! like this Fanboy and Chumchum for only Php 50 each
and I saw this Koo Koo Club House toy, an animal pilot plus a car and plane for only P100 each

I bought two kinds of toy, all are priced at Php 100!

I saw the Robo Fish toy is on sale with 10% discount. Also Iron Man 3 toys are here! wohoohohoh

My collection will start here, I like the Iron Man 3 Assemblers line, you can build your own Iron Man by combining some different parts of the Assembler Iron Man 3. Also the bigger figure of Iron Man 3 is awesome…spoilers are here! hahahaha

Tomica toy cars are on sale, with 10% discount each. I think all toys in Toy Kingdom are on sale with 10% discount.

And then my adventure starts here at the SM Store.

I just roam the 1st and lower level floor, I hunt for some gadgets and also men’s clothing

I spotted for the 1st time the all new Olympus EPL-5 m 4/3 mirror less camera. Priced at Php 38,750

And also still the holy grail…haunts me… next time baby!

The men’s clothing section is all on SALE! I just can’t believe it that there’s a lot of displays that are on red tag.

Lots of pile of clothes with super discounts, I super love the Php200 and below price tag, I jumped inside and started digging my treasured clothing hahhaa.

At the geek section aka teens wear of SM Store, I spotted this Iron Man 3 promo and their shirt line, but its not on sale.

Superhero shirts have their new designs and stocks but not on sale, but its okay, I bought that Justice League shirt, size XL for only Php 299.

Pose with Iron Man 3

I’m also on a hunt for formal clothes, but then I decided to come back next time due to my limited funds

The brown jacket is cool, I’ll buy that next time and add it in my jacket collection.
Polo shirts are marked down with 20% discounts, the good brands are also joining the sale

Here’s my panoramic shot of the inside of SM Store.

Me inside the fitting room, I’m so glad that we are just few guys who are interested to try on the clothes.

Here’s my Justice League shirt!! wohhooh…ganda!

Time to go home!!! got the toys for my son and clothing for me.

I also got a free raffle coupon because my purchase is Php1500. And the grand prize is an Apple iPad mini tablet.

They draw every day starting to the 1st day of sale. (too bad that I didn’t win, saw the names of winners earlier )

It’s the unstoppable sale of the year for SM Southmall. I like the items today compare from last time, also the shoppers are wiser and prepared for THE BIG SALE!

See you next sale and thank you SM Southmall

Below are my shopping haul of the week! wee…new clothes

Sahara polo for only Php 300


Sahara polo shirt for Php300 only

Justice League shirt for P299

Men’s club polo shirt for only…….. Php175

super sale!!!!!! panalo

Another P175 from Men’s Club

The nice sales lady even catch me as I go away and offered this short sleeve Sahara polo, for only Ph350. I grabbed it while its freshly sealed in plastic

The shopping never stops and I’m thankful that these shopping malls like SM Southmall are on the right timing to sched their 3 day sale, I’m very satisfied on my haul today and I’m excited for the next sale because I’ll hunt for more polo shirts and maybe long sleeves polo at SM Store.

SM Southmall
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