Baguio tour blog 1: Trip to Baguio via Victory Liner

I have visited Baguio City for many times already, but being as an adult, I counted that I have visited Baguio City for three times already, that’s a yearly visit after 2011 tour with a hotel. I’m happy that I will go back there again to join their annual Panagbenga Festival 2013.

I’m glad that Vincent Tabor organized a tour for us and also managed our accommodation for 3 days in Baguio City. But the only way to go there is to ride a bus via Victory Liner.

I researched online and visited Victory Liner’s website and I read that they are having a trip for every 10 –30 minutes. They have lots of trips and also many passengers. I got a tip from a travel blogger friend that I should purchase the ticket online, but then I missed the reservation deadline and landed our selves as a chance passenger in Pasay terminal.

I tweeted Victory Liner on Twitter for advice and they told me to take the earliest trip and peak hours and long line will start at around 6pm. And I should buy my ticket back to Manila in Baguio terminal as soon as we arrive there. I followed the tips,but I arrived at 8pm and met my blogger travel mates.

Our plan is to take the 7pm trip, but looks like that everyone got the idea too, and there we lined up starting 8:30pm as a chance passenger and then we rode the bus at around 12am. It’s a long line but I’m glad we got ourselves entertainment and got acquainted with female passengers – Eloisa and Eileen.

The kwentuhan and chikan lasted for 4 hours and it was like 30 minutes for us. Anton arrived nearly 12am, traveled from Rizal area and I told him to join with us here in Pasay terminal. It’s the merriest ride of the season, as we travel together all Manila bloggers to Baguio City.

We arrived in Baguio at around 6am, Anton lined up to the terminal to buy our tickets trip back to Manila scheduled for Monday. It was a great team worked for us, Raffy and Enzo secured the line for us, Anton for the tickets and me… hmm secured all the schedules and plan for this trip.

Here’s the long line of chance passengers, we started on the 3rd long line parallel to the original line, it took us 4 hours to get to the 1st line.

Eileen and Eloisa posed for a pic on Enzo’s camera and here you can see the long line..
after 2 hours, we reached the 2nd parallel line.

I got bored and ate a hotdog sandwich that I bought at the terminal.

We are near the 1st line and we saw the customer assistant guiding the passengers to the bus door step.

Here we are before we board the Victory Liner bus.. so happy that we made it.. It was like running in a marathon, I raised my hands in the air as I board the aircon bus.

since we are chance passengers, all bad seat locations are available to us, here at the far back seat of the bus, me and Enzo sat here and snored all the way to Baguio City.

In Baguio terminal station of Victory Liner, Anton got the brightest idea to buy our tickets trip back to Manila, since he got scared and don’t want to be stucked in Baguio for days after the festival. We got our reserved ticket after an hour and we met Anton at the festival area.

I’m very impressed that Victory Liner is very organized in handling passengers during peak season, I like the way on how they communicate using social media, like on Twitter, they even gave advice and tips for me as a FIRST TIMER to ride a public transportation to Baguio City.

Astig talaga!!! and I know that Victory Liner bus drivers are the expert in driving the zig zag road going to Baguio City.

Also, when we bought the reservation tickets, there’s this white paper…and its an insurance of P25,000 just incase we got into an accident or died during the trip. omfg.. that is so cool, but I’m glad that everyone are safe.

Victory Liner Inc.