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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baguio Tour blog 2: we stayed in Azalea Residences Baguio for 3 days

We stayed for 3 days in Azalea Residence Baguio and this is my 2nd stay there, my 1st was last year when I attended the 1st Baguio Bloggers Conference, for my stay…I can say that I’m satisfied with the services that they gave to us (and to me for 2 times already), the room, the food and assistance are great. The location of the hotel is at Leonard Wood, a few walks from there and you’ll reach the famous Session Road that leads to SM City Baguio and also don’t forget that you’ll pass by at PKNY resto and the haunted Laperal house, that is now turned into a gallery and museum.

Our stay is sponsored, and here I super enjoyed the stay and 3 days is the perfect schedule to enjoy more Baguio and its cold breeze. There’s no aircon in the room, but they have a ceiling fan that can help you circulate the air around the room. We didn’t used the fan, because its too cold in Baguio at night and the coldest that I experienced is at 5am is the 14 degrees temp.

Last year, I got the couples room, it’s a queen size bed perfect for sharing with a partner, but today we got a nice suite room that can accommodate to 4 people.

Let me show you the room that we have….

We arrived at 6am in Baguio and since the normal check in is at 2am, we got the room already via reservation and we are allowed to check in anytime as we arrived. Thanks to the helpful staff of Azalea Residences for providing our needs like extra keycard, pitcher of cold water, wifi password and extra blankets.

their amenities:
coffee lounge
all day in room dining
play area
business center
souvenir shop
24 hour doctor on call
in room safe
handicapped accessible
safety deposit box
all day dining coffee shop
mini bar
spa and massage services  ( haven't tried this yet)
wifi and internet connection  (they have internet connection)
driver’s lounge and sleeping dormitories
transpo arrangements to and from Manila
laundry and dry cleaning

We stayed in Room 510 and here’s the wow moments!!
I super miss their bar and kitchen, I super love the set up and feel of their room…super panalo talaga!
My room mates Anton, Raffy and Enzo are surprised to see our room.

Here’s the mini bar, I’m glad that the prices are not so expensive, normally the noodles priced is around P30-P40 depends on the size. We didn’t touched the mini bar, but I’m glad that we have 6 bottles of mineral water for FREE and then Enzo opened up a beer priced at Php 60.

Okay na din. The only thing that lack is the electric water pitcher and coffee, I forgot to request that during our stay, because we are always out the whole day and our tummy stuffed during dinner.

Here’s the bed for sharing, Raffy and Enzo stayed here, room 1 have its own bathroom, TV and ceiling fan.

Here’s the bathroom set up. The water heater control is located under the sink, you have to check if it is ON, because if its OFF, the water heater won’t be available. We learned to turn it ON after day 2. hahahaha.

The main room also have its own bathroom, so we have 2 bathrooms in one big room.

Sorry for the blur photos, I used my iPhone4s in taking photos and I’m in a hurry because we need to catch the Panagbenga fest.

my traditional pose in the bathroom

We have three Samsung LCD TV in the room… 1 in the twin bed room, 1 in single bed room and 1 in the living room. It has cable and a working remote control.

This is the living room facing room 2 and another TV set, all room have its own TV and also ceiling fan.
I sleep here in the living room,its my favorite spot, behind the window and front of the TV. The sofa can be converted into a spring bed. Really comfy bed ever!!!

Here’s Room 1, very simple, no cabinets and no bathroom. Anton stayed here.

Here’s my view after converting the sofa into bed

my window view…you can see the mountains and the houses of Baguio.

The lobby view is amazing, you are looking a vertorama photo that I created using my iPhone4s

Tradisyon restaurant.
This is the main resto of Azalea Residences Baguio, the resto is open til midnight and breakfast are served as early as 5:30am, its funny that me and my room mates went here at 5:30am and we were the first guest to arrive ahhaha, we ate early because we need to catch the Panagbenga on day 2.

We took the advantage of taking nice pics while there are no people around.

The walls of Tradisyon is a see through glass in which you can still feel and see the awesomeness view of Baguio City. My only complains is that the cold breeze can enter through the glass.

at Breakfast….I love the set.. hotdogs, sausages, tocino, longganisa, picadillo, veggies, pancakes, danggit, tuyo, fried rice. Although that there’s no bacon for 3 days, I’m still satisfied by lot of meat.

check out the danggit!

soup and salad area

you can request for a hot and fresh pancake from the waiter, they can prepare the pancake for you.

Here are my room mates enjoying the breakfast on Day 2

gotcha!!! sipping a hot coffee together!

cheers!!! Me, Anton, Raffy and Enzo

I’m happy that they serve picadillo on day 3, our last stay. It is a perfect partner for a sunny side up egg, rice and hot coffee. I didn’t ate a heavy meal, but I reserve my tummy for more space for our food adventure here in Baguio City.

Azalea Residences Baguio is a perfect hotel for the family, group and also a large group for conference attendees. They also have a conference center where you can host you event. That day, we are checked in along with the 3 buses full of members of Knights of Rizal, they held their conference here in Azalea Residence’s conference venue.

During my 1st stay here last year, we got a tour around the hotel and there’s a room that can accommodate up to 10 person. It is located at the top floor, I forgot what room is that, and I thought that we will stay there.

Thanks to Elisa Escobar, general manager of Azalea Residences Baguio for the accommodation and assisting us for another hours of stay on our last day, its awesome to check out at around 6pm. We also got a teaser that Azalea Residences Boracay is on the works this year.. I’m excited to stay there!

Here’s our group photo with Ms. Elisa of Azalea Residences. Manila x Cebu x Cordillera bloggers!

For my next Baguio trip… I want to STAY HERE AGAIN!!!
best hotel in Baguio for me.

Azalea Residences Baguio
address: Leonard Wood loop, Brgy. M. Roxas, Baguio City
Manila reservation: (632) 579-4890 or (63917) 8611641
Baguio reservation: (6374) 442-8888 or email:

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