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Friday, January 03, 2014

Day 3 of our holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 8

December 23, 2013 – This is our 3rd day here in Tagaytay City, our own familiarization tour is not yet finished because there are lots of sites to visit, attractions to experienced and food to eat here, not just in Tagaytay, but also the nearby towns are included in our trip.

Its cold here at night and also in the morning, around 12nn up to 3pm, the sun shines so bright and if you are planning a photo walk or walkathon activity, make sure you wear some sun block, because me and my family didn’t apply a sun block and for our 3rd day, we saw that our skin turned brownish. The cold weather easily beats the heat of the sun but not the sun burn to our skins. So make sure you get some sun block lotion to your skin before you head out to the fields, Tagaytay City is on top of a mountain range and the sun really cook you up if you don’t have any skin protection.

Hello to Taal volcation!
We got an awesome view from our location here in Tagaytay City, my next plan for 2014 is to go to that volcano and check out some establishments below the mountain here in Tagaytay City.

Here’s a good morning greetings that I sent to some of my Facebook friends hahahaha

When we plan our trip, we always check for some reviews and suggestion posted at, from some travel blogs, and also from suggestions of our friends. I checked the location of our destination via Google Maps and later on I plot it there and apply it also to my Apple maps on my iPhone4s.

Here’s my plotted destination – Residence Inn zoo in Tagaytay City.

When we travel via public jeep, I always monitor our location and also the path to our destination, just to make sure we are on the right road and on the right track. We’re so lucky that we didn’t get lost yet.

After eating in a nice restaurant in Robinsons Summit Ridge, and visit Residence Inn, we went back home to rest and got this awesome view of the sunset in Tagaytay City.

We went back to Robinsons Summit Ridge mall to buy some supplies and also eat our dinner there.
And then I did some quick shopping at Amira store for some pasalubongs and take home snacks and also bought some gadgets at CDR King.

Barquillos – bought this at Amira.
If you like this, and you saw it here at Amira, I suggest that you buy it right away, because if they ran out of stocks, you have to wait for 3-4 days for new restocks of this yummy goodies.

I became a biscocho addict after I bought this…its the yummiest of the all.

Alamid coffee -- The expensive cup of coffee here in the Philippines!!
Philippine Civet coffee is very special…I didn’t bought one! hahahaha. I will buy one to try it myself.I have tried Civet coffee before but its hard to remove the idea on my head that this coffee was roasted inside the stomach of a wild forest bear cat, yeah….the beans come out from its anus and then grounded it into this coffee powder.

I asked the store person at Amira why there are different colors of Alamid coffee, the store person told me each have its own coffee kick. This red one is the best and strong coffee kick.

Btw, this is a coffee tea bag and not in powder

Just like a tea bag, you have to dip this into a hot water and wait til the coffee oil becomes your coffee drink

My next purchase when I go back to Tagaytay..
I’m also a guyabano juice sucker!! But this powder version is much expensive than the pure juice in a bottle.

After some shopping in Amira and CDR King, we went here in Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant to eat our dinner. While we eat our food, we listen to live choral performance of teens singing the popular Christmas songs.

The best place to celebrate Christmas near Manila!

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