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Friday, January 03, 2014

Animal encounters at Residence Inn zoo - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 9

December 23, 2013 – This is our 1st adventure during our 3rd day here in Tagaytay City, I’m such a hard sell to my wife about Residence Inn zoo, I always told her that we should bring our 3 year old son Ashton when we go back in Tagaytay City, and now that my dream came true when she agreed that we go there for our 3rd day.

I heavily promoted Residence Inn zoo to her because I went here last summer for a bloggers tour and I super enjoyed the mini zoo and got a taste my first ever zip line here in Residence Inn zoo. I also like the aquarium with lots of tropical fish, reptiles, spiders and scorpions. One of my favorite activity here is the interaction with the animals, here’s a small fee if you want to try to touch or pet them for minutes, for a price of Php20 up to Php 50, you can already get a close encounter with the animals and also it’s a good educational tour for kids that’s why I want my son to have his first ever experience to get a close encounter with zoo animals.

watch my zipline tryout here at
and video collage of the animal zoo –

There’s also a photo op and encounter with a tiger cub, my son didn’t like going near the cub, and he loses interest because I think he got scared after seeing a large cat drinking a milk in a feeding bottle. The lion at Residence Inn is no longer there, I saw that lion back in year 2005 and I also noticed that the tiger cage area is under renovation, so there’s no tiger up close for us to see except that one cub, last time I saw that they have the white lion, I’m not sure what happened or could be it was transferred to another location for grooming.

I still enjoyed here in Residence Inn zoo, we missed also the live show on stage of some zoo experts and their small animals for show, because we went here on a weekday and the show only runs during weekends.

Entrance fee is around Php 200+ and we paid for two adult tickets and then we got lucky that our Ashton entered the zoo for free, because he is considered as a toddler under 3 feet height.

I think the next visit for us here in Residence Inn zoo will be next year, I will make this as an annual activity for our family, because as Ashton grows up, he started to remember everything and want to repeat the same experience,although that he might get new interest in our next visit to have a photo op with the tiger cub or maybe ride a pony.

Residence Inn Tagaytay
Trip Advisor:

here are our photo adventure in Residence Inn

Ashton and the fountain

Residence Inn entrance

not yet over 3 feet!!! = free entrance

He got amazed after seeing some bala shark

His expression was “whoaaaaa!!!! big fish!!” after seeing that big arowana fish. That moment is very priceles!!!

He got scared after he saw the arowana, then my wife Lace carried him and showed to him the arowana upclose and we told him that he should not be scared with the big fish.

Pacu fish also known as testicle eating fish hahahaa. just google it

I’m planning to own a baby Arowana, but I’m not sure if it will survive.

Reptiles area…

also we spotted a snake caught a mice for his lunch, the moment is so awesome!!!! my entrance fee is worth it and the experience to see a snack bit and coils on the mice is rare to see it live.

my son’s reaction was “ kita ko snake kain yung mouse!”

Ashton hates and loves lizards, but not this kind of lizard hahahaha. he hates the big ones.

More fishy fishy!

in hyper mode!

Turtle power!!!

Then I noticed that he loves rabbits! I think he started to like the rabbit after our trip in Paradizoo few days ago.

At the end of the Residence Inn…. Ashton ran towards the zip line area and he pointed again that he saw Taal volcano again!

Birds area… here’s a parrot for you

sleepy owl

here’s the close encounter with the zoo animals
the parrot is so cute! parang naka smile din sa camera

hahahaa! my son in “takot” mode

and his favorite animal zoo to pet is the owl….

big iguana

owl…are you sleeping or just wide awake ?

reminds me of Godzilla!

Not yet over..we still haven’t explored the half of Residence Inn

lovely and coloreful peasant, my wife told me that this bird reminds her the phoenix suzaku in Fushigi Yuugi

here’s the tiger cub awwwww
they chained him just for safety purposes

a playful and active tiger cub

I like cats and big cats..I stood infront of it and want to hug this cute cub!!

according to a review in Foursquare… “never mess with the ape”
ohkay….we’re good and this monkey looks friendly.

Best to see is the camel…
I don’t remember if they have giraffe here, but I know they have Ostrich and lots of tigers.
this area is under renovation.

the part of Residence Inn that I truly hate…the trail downhill

at the side of the nature trail, they caged their eagles and different kind of birds.

we finally reached the end of the trail yey!!!!

Then this area reminds me of Katy Perry’s music video “ROAR”

Dad and son photo moments!!

It’s a mission accomplished touring around Residence Inn and meet up with the zoo animals!
good job baby Ashton!!!

How to go to Residence Inn via public transport ?1. If you are in Tagaytay City, take a jeep going to Nasugbu, Batangas, the jeep will go infront of Residence Inn
2. But sometimes its hard to ride a Nasugbu jeep if you are in the middle of Tagaytay, but there are lots of Mendez and Alfonso jeep, you can ride any of the two and just drop off to Mendez crossing
4. After drop off at Mendez crossing, walk at the other side of the street and look for the Nasugbu jeep.

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