Wine, cold cuts, cheese and Le Cellier French Wine Selection @ Le Café Curiex in Makati

We’re doing the French way of enjoying wine and cheese in one night here at Le Café Curiex in Makati City, it’s a French resto bar located near Makati Palace Hotel, we were there last night to try the cold cuts, cheese and wine degustation of the resto bar and their wine partner - Le Cellier French Wine Selection. Last year, we started our wine and French journey at the Soiree Beaujolais event in Manila Hotel and Sofitel Manila, and after two months, we are back again meeting up with our French friends and be part of another food and beverage adventure.

I didn’t expect that I will enjoy the wine night yesterday, I started to gulp 5 glasses of Le Cellier wine, and 3 shots of house rhum of Le Café Curiex, I over ate myself with lots of cold cuts and cheese, and I over estimate my enjoyment for eating and drinking too much…but I super enjoyed the cheese pairing it with my wine, I’m not a regular drinker but if ever I like the taste of the wine and my company, the taste of that wine will be become more great and tasty delicious. Now I get the idea that why people love to drink wine at home or in a restaurant, it will relax you and it will give a good atmosphere when you are with your comrades.

If you taste that the wine is good...that means you are in top shape and there's nothing wrong with you.

My post here is all about the Le Cellier French Wine Selection and my first time in a French resto, Le Café Curiex. Thanks to Arabelle Jimenez for this event. me and the PB Network team – Raffy , Ron of and Ted of , super enjoyed the event last night at Le Café Curiex.

I find if weird that I attend lots of wine tasting sessions in the past, but my experience last night was the best and I super enjoyed the wine, maybe I already found my favorite wine taste… ok.. I will now get French wine next time.

Le Café Curiex a French cuisine resto bar in Makati City, it’s a hidden gem in the heart of the busy streets of Makati, located at the so called red light district of Makati and it sat below the walls of Bel Air condo and infront of Makati Palace Hotel. I always mention that hotel, because it’s the only known landmark around the area. Many people are having a hard time getting the right direction going to this restobar, but for 2nd timers, you’ll never get lost ever again. I will visit this next time to try their food

P1296602 P1296604
Here’s the entrance of Le Café Curiex

P1296605 P1296606
P1296608 P1296609
Ron said that he was here last year and then he mentioned that the resto bar started to change with new wall decors and also tables and seats set. The resto bar is present here in Makati for years and most guests here are French people. So if ever you want to try authentic French cuisine, then you should visit le Café Curiex, the price on their menu is just right and below the pricing range of a fine dining restaurant located in a luxury mall.

Ted is here at the buffet of cold cuts and cheese section

P1296611 P1296619
Bleau de Auvergne cheese and Chevre

P1296613 P1296614
Port Salut cheese and Panceta cold cuts

P1296615 P1296616
Serrano and Saucisson

P1296617 P1296618
more cold cuts

Le Cellier French Wine Selection

P1296621 P1296623
At the bar, there are three kinds of wine – there’s white wine, red wine and cinsault rose’ wine. Among the three kinds of wine…my favorite is the cinsault rose’ flavor, because its light and not that strong, I also like that there’s a strain of sweetness after sipping a wine.

I just received a message from Mrs. Jo Flour of Le Cellier and she sent to me the info of the wines that was served that night

Cinsault Rose BIB 10L– Vin de Pays d’Oc – P. Ferraud & Fils (Rosé Wine) Grapes: Cinsault Food-wine pairing : Salads, Provençal dishes, grilled meats, cured meats and cheeses such as feta Keeping : 2 years Tasting:Eye: salmonpink Nose : floral and subtle red fruit scents Mouth : rich and powerful wine with melted tannins

Coteaux du Lyonnais AOP Rouge BIB 10L – Lyon Region – P. Ferraud & Fils (Red Wine) Grapes : Gamay noir with white juice Food-wine pairing : all types of meals or to have a drink with friends! Tasting: Keeping : 2 to 3 years; Eye : clear red colour with nice purple glints; Nose : red fruits scents but these scents are not too powerful; Mouth : very fruity but not nervous, and is easy to drink; Service : 11 and 12°C

Macon Villages 2011 Cru du Maconnais– Ferraud & Fils (White Wine) Grape Varieties – 100% Chardonnay This wine looks shiny and subtle with a beautiful golden and straw yellow colour with greenish glints. It is suggests broom, white rose, acacia, honeysuckle, ferns and citrus scents. Fresh and easy to drink, dry but fruity. You may drink this wine as an aperitif. It will fit perfectly with poultry and veal in cream sauce in winter and with grilled fish, cold antipasti, ratatouille and salads in summer.

P1296624 P1296625

Le Cellier French Wine Selection

P1296635 P1296636
Here’s a bottle of De Vigne

Ted selects the white wine first… (chardonay)


red wine

cheers everyone!!!

Ron and Raffy with Julia Flores, manager of Le Café Curiex resto bar

P1296628 P1296630
Raffy with Mr. Bernard Flour and his wife, managing director of Le Cellier French Wine Selections

P1296631 P1296629
Raffy and Julia


resto bar guest enjoys the wine and cheese night at Le Café Curiex

P1296645 P1296647
Its not yet over.. we just started and here’s more wine to us!

Mr. Bernard shared to us some info about French wine and also some pointers about the Soiree Beaujolais

P1296656 P1296658
Then Julia sat with us to talk about the resto bar and why it is popular for their tasty steak and also house rhum.


Julia invited us for a short tour around their rhum area.

the menu
hmmm..Im now curious to try their t-bone steak… priced at PHP840

P1296663 P1296664
Roland Raider, Julia’s fiance’ is a photo artist, they know exhibit his photo artworks here inside the resto bar and it sell at around PHP 10,000 – Julia mentioned to me that part of the sales will go to #YolandaPH relief

P1296665 P1296667
a boot photo art by Roland Raider / and here are some flyers about Manila’s best tourist destination

P1296666 P1296669
also featured are the big size artworks by Spanish painter Cesar Caballero, painting price is at around PHP100,000
I like the artwork because of its comic art style

House rhum of Le Café Curiex
they ferment and brew it for 2 months, so here at the right section are the ready to go house rhum.

P1296673 P1296674
I’m a bit tipsy that night because of the 5 glasses of wine hahaha, but then Julia told us that we should try the house rhum, first I tried the Gingembre…. it’s a ginger rhum mix… I want to try it because I know that ginger is the best flavor for cognac…. but then its more tastier than cognac when it becomes a house rhum.

P1296675 P1296676
2nd shot is the Piment house rhum – it’s a mix of various spices and chilis….zomg!!!
but then…I just tasted a strain of cinnamon to beat the chili. and it tastes GOOOD!!!!!

Thanks to Julia for introducing this to us..I’m starting to like rhum now hahahaha.

P1296679 P1296680
Ron taps out.. .after one shot hahahahaha.

and lastly…my one shot of Pineapple house rhum…I told her that I hated pineapples but this tastes so sweet and also warm. Its good!!! masarap!!


After our wine and cheese night…we decided to cap the night off and head home.. we make sure that that four of us are in top shape… we’re glad that nobody got drunk hahaha.

the best experience…was felt after the event…. the burpness!!!! adds more relaxing feeling due to the wine kick.
Le Cellier French Wine Selection
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Le Café Curiex resto bar
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