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Friday, February 07, 2014

In photos: My Manila Hotel Tour 2014

I was at the one of a kind tour inside Manila Hotel for their MY MANILA HOTEL TOUR, its my first time to join and be part of a tour inside a hotel. Manila Hotel is a historic site because it stood and witness during the World War and it was a home to some very important people who helped our country to win the war. Not only about war, the hotel is also a site for getting the brains together of some group to organize big companies, it witness the entire rise and fall and comeback of Manila since its birth in 1909, today the hotel is now 105 years old, it’s a historical site and a hotel for everyone, as they say Manila Hotel is the only heritage hotel in the Philippines and also a true heart of the Philippines.

I don’t get the idea in the first place why they organize a tour around the hotel, but I got the interest to roam around the hotel and check their rooms, I’m very fortunate that I already tried an overnight stay here for FREE last year, our experience was great, but I didn’t got a chance to try the pool because our country got hit by a powerful typhoon. I know also that the tour with the media and bloggers will help push the promotion of the hotel for the upcoming Chinese New Year, but I didn’t receive any press release after the tour so it left me clueless what I should promote here in my blog, I don’t have the hotel rates and other stuff to share, but that’s okay, the photos that I took can tell the story of my hotel tour and adventure and also I’ve seen and step on the most expensive room and historical hotel room in our country.

I arrived 30 minutes late that day and I caught the orientation session about the hotel tour, they also want our suggestion on how to make Manila Hotel a better hotel, there’s also a Q and A segment and there I learn that the hotel is renovating the some rooms and event center, last year I heard that the hotel is 80% complete,but it will take another year for them to finish renovating the other old room here in Manila Hotel.

P1244755 P1244756 P1244770 P1244773 P1244776 P1244780 P1244782 P1244790 P1244792 P1244793 P1244795 P1244796

“Old World Manners”

Khristine of Manila Hotel answered some of our question about the tour

They showed to us some photos of the room and then they revealed that we will visit those rooms later

Their hotel staff doesn’t wear uniforms, but they wear costumes to fit in for the style of the heritage hotel.

Our first visit is the TAP ROOM, I’ve been here before and you can read my feature here at

P1244798 P1244799 P1244801 P1244802 P1244803 P1244804 P1244805 P1244806 P1244807

It’s the only resto area of Manila Hotel that opens at dinner time, when you enter this room you’ll get a feel of traveling back in time. The tables and chairs are so vintage, the glass tree sculptures worth millions, and the plates and other dinner wares are silver plated.

from their website :

”Long favored by the fashionable set, it is well-known for its impeccable service and lavish décor, including crystal palm trees, tasseled ceiling fixtures and floral upholstered chairs, which perfectly reflect its sumptuous classical offerings. A favorite venue for elegant gatherings and celebrations, the Champagne Room best embodies the Grand Dame’s decades of tradition and devotion to providing guests with only the finest dining experience.
Operating hours
Mondays to Saturdays 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM”




P1244808 P1244810 P1244811 P1244812 P1244813 P1244814 P1244815 P1244816 P1244817 P1244818 P1244819 P1244820 P1244821 P1244822 P1244823 P1244824 P1244825 P1244826 P1244827 P1244828 P1244829 P1244830P1244831 P1244834 P1244832 P1244835

Manila Hotel told us that they sell here the best ensaymada.. I forgot to buy one but I will buy in my next visit…Its funny that I didn’t noticed this the last time I visited the hotel.

P1244836 P1244837 P1244838 P1244839 P1244840 P1244841 P1244842

I’ve been here many times, the Mabuhay Palace is a Cantonese restaurant inside the hotel. The most impressive part of this restaurant are the style of the tables and chairs, very vintage!! And the most jaw dropping item here is the art deco sculpture made of jade stones.

I also learned that they have three private rooms inside the resto.




P1244846 P1244847 P1244849 P1244851 P1244852 P1244853 P1244855 P1244856 P1244857 P1244858 P1244860 P1244861 P1244863 P1244865 P1244866 P1244867 P1244868 P1244869 P1244870 P1244871 P1244873 P1244874 P1244875 P1244878

Marble design floor of the elevator

We went up the hotel room area and here we entered the General Douglas Macarthur Suite room.

According to history, Gen. Macarthur stayed in this room for three months during the world war, our President Manuel Quezon that time offered him to stay in Malacanang, but then the General refuses and decided to stay here in the hotel.

The hotel room is big and its like a house already. Three families can live here bec. of its wide set up and big living room.

The suite is the most expensive room here in Manila Hotel – its $2000 per overnight as I heard.


the guest room

the living room

vintage wooden chair

Gen. Macarthur

history stamp

view from the window

Gen. Macarthur’s medals in glass gallery

Vintage dining table – restored and re-use

this chair could be around 100+ years old

Gen. Macarthur’s office


Me..sitting in Gen. Macarthur’s chair
” I shall return!!!”

the master’s bed room

3D glasses for the 3D LED TV inside Gen. Macarthur’s suite



Inside the bathroom, they use BVLGARI toiletries only here in the expensive suite of Manila Hotel
wow…as in wow!!!

P1244882 P1244883 P1244885 P1244886 P1244888 P1244889 P1244890 P1244891 P1244892 P1244894 P1244895 P1244896 P1244897 P1244899 P1244900 P1244902 P1244903P1244904 P1244905 P1244906 P1244907 P1244908 P1244909 P1244910 P1244911 P1244912 P1244913 P1244915 P1244916 P1244918P1244920 P1244921P1244922 P1244923 P1244924 P1244925 P1244926 P1244927 P1244928 P1244929 P1244930 P1244931 P1244932 P1244933 P1244934 P1245096 P1244936 P1244937 P1244939 P1244940 P1244941 P1244942 P1244943 P1244944 P1244945 P1244946 P1244947 P1244949 P1244950 P1244951 P1244952 P1244956 P1244957 P1244958 P1244960

Its my first time to see a hotel room with a spiral staircase, according to our “pamahiin” or elder’s tale, the groom will take this spiral staircase while carrying the bride on his arms, they will do this first after entering the room.

1st floor is a standard living room area and sit to next is the master’s bed room
2nd floor is the dining area and a bigger living room


I super love this clock!

the master’s bed room


walk in closet

at the 2nd floor





P1244961 P1244962 P1244963 P1244964 P1244965 P1244966 P1244968 P1244969 P1244970 P1244971 P1244973 P1244974 P1244975 P1244976 P1244977 P1244978 P1244979 P1244980 P1244981 P1244985 P1244987 P1244991 P1244993

Now I know why they call it the sunrise and sunset suite in the first place, me and my wife stayed here for an overnight stay last year and I can say that this is the best room here in Manila Hotel, it faces the Manila Bay and also the sunset view! I super recommend this room if you want to stay in Manila Hotel, they got the best view ever!

btw, the wifi connection here is super fast!

you can read my feature here at



P1244995 P1244996 P1244999 P1245000

For me, their restaurant is one of the best here in Manila, I have my other favorites, but I always mention that each hotel restaurant got its own specialty. I super love here is the halal cuisine and their Japanese food section.

read my feature here at

During the tour, they shared to us about their steakhouse section – The Cowrie Grill, it is formerly located inside Café Ilang Ilang and now it resides in a new home located in Greenhills, San Juan. I got curious and want to visit it soon.


P1245001 P1245002 P1245003 P1245004 P1245007 P1245008 P1245009 P1245010 P1245011 P1245012 P1245013 P1245014 P1245015 P1245017 P1245019 P1245020 P1245021 P1245022 P1245024 P1245025 P1245026 P1245027 P1245028 P1245030 P1245031 P1245032 P1245033 P1245035 P1245036 P1245037

Pool area


Located at the pool area, all their recreational amenities are located near the pool area, that’s why I didn’t saw this when we stayed in the hotel. Now I want to go back and try all of their amenities.

“Manila Hotel’s gym features state-of-the-art and high technology Life Fitness Elevation series machines which include Treadmill, Crosstrainer, Upright exercise bike and Recumbent exercise bike. All of these come with touch screen LCD, iPod control and a virtual trainer. The Manila Hotel Health also has its own dry sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi and offers calming fitness programs such as yoga and Pilates. “ – via their website

P1245038 P1245039 P1245040 P1245041 P1245042 P1245043 P1245044 P1245045 P1245046 P1245047 P1245048 P1245049 P1245050 P1245051

ohh my wife will love this…although that the spa rates are too expensive.

”The Manila Hotel Spa is located by the bay and offers five-star relaxation experience to its guests. Soothe your tired muscles and calm your nerves with the well-prepared massage choices such as Shiatsu, Swedish, and Aromatherapy massages. Each massage utilizes special scents and oils that help invigorate the body and calm the mind. For inquiries, please call (632) 527 0011 local 1083 “ - via their website

P1245052 P1245053 P1245056 P1245058 P1245059 P1245061 P1245062 P1245063 P1245065 P1245066 P1245067 P1245068 P1245069

the pool area

sunset area of Manila Hotel. located at the end of the pool area, its an elevated viewing area of the sunset. Perfect area for cocktails and barbeques.






P1245070 P1245071 P1245072 P1245073 P1245075 P1245076 P1245077 P1245079 P1245081 P1245082 P1245083 P1245084 P1245085 P1245086 P1245087 P1245088 P1245090 P1245091 P1245093 P1245095 P1245097 P1245114


Manila Hotelwebsite :
Facebook :

Read the history of Manila Hotel here at
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