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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Invitational Shootfest- Kabankalan City trip part 4

Day 1- We arrived at the CPSU Crimonology shooting range here in Kabankalan City for the annual Invitational Shootfest competition. According to the organizer, almost all participants for this competition are the best of the best shooters here in Negros Occidental. Some players are the top notch shooters and they are here just for fun and also in participation for the Sinulog 2014 activities.

We stayed here for a short while to watch the shoot fest, interview the organizer and also take photos of the participants in action here inside the shooting range. Its my first time to see lots of gun tooting people shooting those tin plate, it was so noisy because of the gun shot and also bang of the tin plate.

Welcome to the CPSU Criminology shooting range!

There are three kind of field that day who have different obstacles and targets
I think the participants will advance to the next level after they completed the first shooting range.

We occular the area and check which area is the safest place to stay to take photos of the participants in action.

We met the organizer of the shoot fest


Here’s a guy at the 3rd shooting range

Criminology students are also there to witness the competition

bang! bang! bang! bang!


Guy signals that he is ready and now loaded

Its funny that they posted photos of Predator creator just to distract the players

Next shooter!

Lock and load…. he is ready!
he practiced on the spot just to keep himself on the mood

After three shots…he ran and advanced to stage 3 of the shooting range

He missed some tin plates but then he was on the mood to shoot more tin plates, he hit almost all

Other players wait for their turn.

Lock and loaded!!!

Kabankalan City provincial government website :

Kabankalan City tourism page:

Sinulog de Kabankalan Facebook page:

Thanks and credits

*** Many thanks to Mr. Tootsie and Pie Zayco for inviting us here in Kabankalan City. Thanks also to Mr. Alfredo Otea, Kabankalan City tourism officer, for touring us around the city, you may contact him at +63 946 2832510 if you want some info or tour around the city.

Thanks also to my travel blogger mates Raffy of and Ron of for being the best company in every travel and gimmicks…and also nice to meet and thanks to Belle and Renz of and Nikka of . and last.. thanks to Mika, our PR contact for arranging and coordinating with us for this trip.
ts nice to meet you Kabankalan City!!! see you in our next visit.
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