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Friday, February 14, 2014

Noceda Bakery in Mendez crossing - Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 2

Day 2 – Good morning to all! our day 2 adventure started here in the heart of Mendez crossing, our agenda that day is to visit Noceda bakery, we went there via riding a jeep going to Mendez, and then we dropped off to “crossing”, it’s an intersection road going to Tagaytay-Nasugbu and Tagaytay-Mendez, at the middle of the intersection, we saw the Noceda Bakery signage, my wife is a big fan of their bread and that Jacobina cookies, I was surprised that the bakery is just there, she requested from me before to visit Noceda bakery when I went to Calatagan last year, but then I told her that its too far from where I am in Calatagan, but I didn’t know that the van while pass by infront when I went back home to Cavite.

P1316686Noceda Bakery

It looks small, but for me its already a big bakery
Here in our town we usually have bakeries with small glass display cabinet that showcase the bread and cookies, most part of the bakery shop is the baker station and their oven. But here in Noceda Bakery, its already a bakery shop with mini baker convenience store. You can walk inside and grab the packed cookies or bread and then pay it over the counter.

I learned that you can also order some cakes here.

Inside Noceda Bakery

here’s their baked goodies by Noceda Bakery

P1316689 P1316690

P1316691 P1316694
I super love bakery bread!! I want to try that Silang small in my next visit

P1316695 P1316696
Ube roll and cheese roll

P1316697 P1316699
I’m curious why it is called Paborita

P1316698 P1316700
Tiping cookies and Bonita

P1316701 P1316702
Ensaymada and cheese bread
P1316703Here’s our chased food of the day… a Jacobina cookies

I’m not a fan of this Jacobina cookies, but when I tried a piece yesterday, it was so tasty and fun to eat…I admit its very addictive hahahah. Its like a regular cracker with texture of an otap.

Time to pay our Noceda food

Photo op at the Noceda Bakery


My wife can’t wait for her cheese bread hahahaa..she took a bite outside the bakery

Noceda Bakery is right across the Mendez crossing intersection road…right after the Ace Hardware



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