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Monday, February 03, 2014

Transformers bots appearance in Age of Extinction- Superbowl trailer

Snapshot 2 (2-3-2014 11-49 AM)
The 1st trailer for Transformers 4: Age of Extinction was supposed to aired during the presentation of a new TV with Michael Bay as one of the presenter at CES 2014 event, but it didn’t happen because of that wonky teleprompter that left director Michael Bay clueless and then he walked out just to save himself from embarrassment, now I know what I would do if ever my powerpoint goes wonky during my presentation hahaha.

The trailer was shown today via Youtube by Paramount Pictures and it was a great breakfast moment for me because it gave me a big WOW and OMG reaction while I sip my hot coffee and watch the trailer online. That's one awesome Geekgasm moment after a month watching the The Hobbit 2.

I'm excited super!!! and this movie will air this mid 2014 in all theaters, my big guess is on June 2014.

We also saw some Transformers bots in the trailer, some are familiar and others are new…okay, I’m not a TF expert but I did a quick research and I finally identified the names of the Transformers Autobot and Decepticon bots who teased us a little action for this 4th installment.

watch the trailer below

above on pic is Optimus Prime – wearing his old looks from Transformers movie 1-3.

Snapshot 1 (2-3-2014 11-49 AM)
The bot below the ship is Lockdown, the bounty hunter
while the ship…hmmm I don’t have any idea who it is..or maybe its just a ship that looks like a Tie fighter from Star Wars.

here's Lockdown in TF Animated series

Snapshot 3 (2-3-2014 11-49 AM)
Lockdown’s head transforms….

Snapshot 4 (2-3-2014 11-50 AM)
Lockdown’s head transform into a big gun

Snapshot 5 (2-3-2014 11-50 AM)
Optimus Prime got hit -- not sure if its from Lockdown

Snapshot 6 (2-3-2014 11-50 AM)
Megatron ??? or Galvatron ?
it is rumored that he is the one who transform into a freight truck

Galvatron in G1 series

Snapshot 9 (2-3-2014 12-18 PM)
Crosshair doing a die had kind of job

here's Crosshair in G1 series

Snapshot 7 (2-3-2014 12-14 PM)
Decepticon ships

Snapshot 8 (2-3-2014 12-18 PM)
Optimus Prime captured by Lockdown

Snapshot 10 (2-3-2014 12-19 PM)
Strafe the dinobot double head pterasaur (also known as Swoop)
and the jumping bot is Bumble Bee

Snapshot 11 (2-3-2014 12-19 PM)
Make way for the king of Dinobots…… Grimlock in T-rex mode.. and then we saw here a different Optimus Prime with sword.
Grimlock - other version in comic books

animated pics source
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