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Friday, March 28, 2014

Geek Phone with Firefox OS : my touch and try moments with Firefox OS

I’m aware about the Firefox OS but I haven’t seen it and use it yet, I was at the Mozilla PH community social media series last weekend and I got a chance to borrow Bob Reyes’s smartphone with Firefox OS, the most impressive part is not only the OS but also the phone.

Bob said that it’s a Geek Phone from Spain, he bought it there and installed the Firefox OS.

For the Geek Phone brand, its very new to me, but I like the name of the phone because it’s a phone for the geeks made by the geeks. Now I badly want to own this with Firefox OS. Its a phone with multi OS tech feature that lets you choose your own operating system. The phone is preinstalled with Google Android OS and you can also switch to Boot2Gecko by Mozilla. According to Bob, the phone is much easier to set up because of its features, other phones might get some trouble in installing the Firefox OS and there maybe some chances to get bricked.



I visited Geek Phone’s website -

and here’s the spec of the Geek Phone

Screen size: 4.7"
display: IPS LCD
processor: Dual core Intel Atom Z2560 with up to 1.6ghz
micro sd support up to 32gb
4gb emmc + 1 gb lpddr2
micro usb
wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Class 3.0
Main camera: 8megapixel
front camera: 1.3megapixel
video: 1080@30fps
battery: 2000 mAh
Data network HSPDA up to 21mbps

For the Firefox OS, it looks the same with Android. But the difference is that Firefox OS apps are required to use with wifi or mobile internet. All of it are web apps, and you can install more by downloading more web apps via the Firefox OS store. You can also install the conventional apps from the Android system.

to know more about Firefox OS,

I just browsed it for a minute and see how cool the Firefox OS.
The usual apps or website that I always use and visit got their own web apps, I guess if ever I have this Firefox OS, It will turn likely to be my regular PC because everything I need is already there. I haven’t tried a single app yet, maybe on my 2nd touch and try session with Bob’s phone, I can surf more and test if Firefox OS is the best for me.

Here’s the store from Firefox OS

The usual apps are here and you can download it for free or pay per download.

Bob warned me that I should be careful in installing Firefox OS in my Samsung phone, because I’m not an experienced in hacking in my own phone, I need to make sure that I know the proper way to install it. I want to attempt it but I guess I should send my phone to Bob for him to install Firefox OS to my phone hahaha. peace Bob!

I did some research and it landed me to Nightly -

Do you think that Firefox OS is here to stay ???

Are you a user of Firefox OS ? if yes. pls share some tips! pls!!!!

thanks to Bob for lending his phone to me during our meet up.

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