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Friday, March 28, 2014

Inside Tagaytay City Library and Museum- the weekend warriors blog series 2

The next morning, our day 2 stay again in Tagaytay, we went back to Tagaytay City’s Library and Museum for kids, located infront of Sky Ranch. If you remember, I already posted our first visit last month but we didn’t get a chance to read some books due to that the library was being used by the Iglesias as a dressing room and rehearsal for their event. You can read my story here at this link:

We promised to our son that we will go back to the library and museum in our next weekend stay in Tagaytay, and now here we are.and finally!!! we saw the books.

1st floor - dinosaur exhibit and museum
2nd floor – books for kids
3rd floor – books for high school and college students

Ashton is so excited to see lots of books, I helped him choose some good picture books and I showed him this Iron Man picture story book and I told him that all books inside the library are totally free if you will read it inside the library.

Ashton showing the Iron Man picture story book.

The kids section is very spacious but there’s enough books for everyone, there are story books, novels, science, pop up books and encyclopedias.

here are their facilities at the 2nd floor

P1018249 P1018251P1018254 P1018255P1018256 P1018257
P3018279 P3018278P3018277 P3018276P3018275 P3018274P3018273 P3018280

I didn’t got a time to visit the 3rd floor, maybe I’ll check that out in our 3rd visit when we go back to Tagaytay City again. I noticed that there are some students studying and reading books at the 3rd floor level, that’s why I didn’t go up and took some photos, because I might disturb them with my camera click noise.

The library and museum are free for everyone! not just for Tagaytay City residents, but also for people who visits Tagaytay City. I’m so happy that they put up a nice library, and so sad that some people in the city didn’t know about it. I think its better if they put up a billboard and mention that there’s a library and museum for kids in Tagaytay City.

I was looking for some comics, but then I found this comics for kids.
I need to keep myself busy with some books while my son reads his own books

Here’s Ashton browsing the page of that Iron Man picture story book.

At the adventure books section, I spotted some Marvel Comics story books.

On top of the shelf, I spotted this big size book of Wednesday Comics, it’s a book compilation of all short stories of DC Comics that are published as a single comics newspaper in the US and released every Wednesday.

Wow! I didn’t know that they have a newsprint for comics, here in the Philippines we have those insert comic newspaper every Sunday.

Here’s the 1st time experience of Ashton with some pop up books.

First time to be amazed with the awesome pop up books about the solar system and the universe. This is the day that he got interested about space and astronomy. After a few days I brought him in Mind Museum and watch the pilot episode of Natgeo’s COSMOS: A Space time Odyssey.

More pop up books about sea creatures.

And here’s a pop up books about Superman

Pop up books about castles and old houses

Mommy Lace was there to read books for Ashton
I was seated next to them reading some comics heheheh.

Ashton also saw some pop up books about transportation and vehicles.
After the day,we got the idea that its time for us to buy pop up books for our son.

And here’s my comics!!! yeahhh!!
The Batman story is very serious and not your regular comic story.

My favorite read of the day or for my comic life is the story about Kamandi: The Last boy on Earth.
Its an awesome story and I want to read more and collect some TPB of this comics. This is a classic comics, but for this newsprint version, they have the modern writers and artist to re-tell the story of Kamandi, I also love the art of Dave Gibbons, he is popular for the art of The Watchmen comics.

One last look of the library hallway, there’s a small stage in the middle.
I think they use the stage for some book reading sessions, launches and events.

More books! I also spotted a complete Harry Potter books

That’ me…all smiles because there’s comics in this library!

Father and son reading some books

Keeping away from gadgets for a while….and get busy with some books!

Thanks for reading my 2nd part of this blog series.

Tagaytay Library and Museum for kids
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