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Friday, March 14, 2014

Hyperkin SUPABOY Portable Pocket SNES Console (price PHP5,469 in

I confess that I’m a retro gamer and this will stick to my blood forever, I super miss playing the classic games on NES, SNES, SEGA and PC engine. Video games are part of my life, and as I grow up, I witness how the gaming scene evolved, I think I’m the only gamer in the world that never left the 32 bit island, because I’m still hooked to old games. Sometimes in every decade I always go back playing my favorite Megaman 2, Super Mario 3, Street Fighter 2, Super Castlevania and etc, I always make sure if I can finish the game even I get old, there are times that I already forget the technique in winning the game. Hell yeah I can still beat Ghouls and Goblins game.

But then in this new generation, NES and SNES and other console are already obsolete, and thanks for the internet that some of the programmed games are still alive and well, and playable online. But I still have those old SNES console with a broken electric adaptor, but the unit is in good shape and still works, same goes to my old SNES game cartridge. I still keep it in a box and wait for its resurrection, but I don’t know when, maybe I’ll open it when my son turns 15 years old.

But I can’t wait anymore..I want to play it again.

Then I just discovered that I can play my SNES games by using this portable gaming console by Hyperkin, it’s a giant size gameboy handheld console, you can insert the old SNES game on top like a gameboy and then power it on and then play!

I learned about Hyperkin Supaboy from fellow gamers, they posted a link in Facebook and they informed everyone that sell this rare console.

I look at it and promoted it in my Facebook, and this was noticed by my friend Jeff in Facebook, he is the CEO of, he gave me a good offer for the Supaboy..and ohhh man…its hard to refuse, I took a bite and then waited for 2 weeks til the console arrives infront of my doorstep.
Now I can play my classic games in its original game cartridge… my only problem is that Street Fighter 2 game no longer works after playing it once..I don’t know what happened. I tried blowing the cartridge and tapping it..yeah like the usual stuff we do, but then the game no longer went alive.. But I’m glad I still have more games.. so then I played Power Rangers the movie game, Mario Bros., Dragon Ball Z, F zero and etc.

My son also tried it too, but the console is too big for his tiny hands hahaha. I told him to stick with his Android tablet.

You can plug the Hyperkin Supaboy in your TV via RCA jack, and then you can also plug your old SNES controller to the console. The portable console can also be your main SNES console. The battery life is good, I think it will run up to 4-5 hours of straight gameplay.

SRP online is PHP 5469

Buy this now at -

I want to bring this when I travel, but the console is too big .

here are the unboxing of the Hyperkin Supaboy

The box

play like its 1991!!!!!

Specs list

a little manual at the back of the box

Hyperkin logo
play well.

Inside the box


What’s inside the box
- Console
- manual
- micro USB charger
- RCA audio and video jack
- pouch

I charged the console for 2 hours and then its ready for gaming!
Here are my old SNES games…all in good condition.. except Street Fighter 2 (sad face)

You can plug your old SNES controller and play in two players

Headphone jack and the volume control

Game cartridge slot, power switch, charging slot and the RCA audio video plug

There’s a lock switch for your game cartridge

Let’s play!


Buy this now at -

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