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Friday, March 14, 2014

My history in handheld/portable gaming (you won’t believe the latest I’m using)

Just for fun…I compiled and collected my old handheld gaming devices and I want to share here my history in using handheld or portable gaming machines. From old up to the next generation portable consoles. I’m sure the 35 year old person will remember the 1st game they brought in school hahaha.

so here’s my history.

Game and Watch
- Tried this first during my kindergarten years
- Then played more outside UST gate during my elementary years
- Dad bought one, but I can’t remember what happened to the unit, I think it got broken

- Dad bought one unit for my sis
- we heavily use it…daily pa nga e..palitan kami
- I sold it to a classmate during my college years..I need funds to pay for a pair of rollerblades (dumb idea)

- every pinoy have this during the 90’s
- play tetris or snake

Nokia 8250 & Nokia 3210 (2000 & 1999)
Old Nokia phones
- not satisfied with Brick game

-Gameboy Advance
- I owned this year 2004,my brother sent this to me from the US hahah.

PSP 2000
- my favorite portable console..
- I’m PRO original and no to modify version

Pocket Power games
- not electronic, but its fun to play this in school.
- keep it in your pocket and bring it anywhere.
- I bought this from Toycon for a price of PHP50
- it’s a vintage toy already

- the wonders of gaming in the palm of my hand…
- my 1st was a 800ghz phone, then upgraded to 1 Gz (old Samsung droid and LG Optimus Black)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
- We have this at home…bought by Mama for Ashton
- its packed with games for kids and also some kids for me (Batman, Spider-man, Gunner and etc.)

Apple phone
- the best portable gaming device ever! ahahahha
- I super love Apple phones… my first is iPhone4s

Cheap iPod touch 32GB White (5th Generation)
Ipod Touch generation 5
- Just got lucky that I won in a contest
- my son owns this now..and we share it together in playing games

Hyperkin Supaboy portable SNES console
- Got it from
- I play my SNES games again using this portable SNES console.
- I can insert the US or Japanese SNES original cartridge at the top and play it like using a Gameboy
- I can also plug this to a TV and insert two controllers to play 2 players.

Okay…so what’s next ???
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