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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Night travel and bakery hunting- the weekend warriors blog series 1

New blog series again for our out of town adventures, I created a title “the weekend warriors blog series” to label our weekend hang out. I already forgot to post our Feb 28, 2014 weekend getaway here in my blog, but its better to be late than never hahaha.

Okay let’s start.

We went back to Tagaytay last Feb 28 for another weekend staycation and to get away from work and get a time to relax with my family and the great outdoors. We didn’t visit the usual tourist area, but we decided to check out some new place and improvise a new way to enjoy Tagaytay.

We left the city in the afternoon and we arrived in Tagaytay in the evening, we didn’t expected the heavy traffic in Daang Hari and in Imus, Cavite and I realized that we are in the middle of rush hour Friday. Not a good time and day to travel if you are near Manila hahaha. The traffic seems to affect everything that connects to Manila.

We took the Amadeo highway, which is the easiest and no traffic zone, going to Tagaytay and then we arrived at around 7pm. It was dark in Amadeo and its hard to drive at night, its scary too because motorcycles and pedestrians are hard to see at night and you’ll notice them if they are near your car’s headlight, so driving with fast speed is a big no no if the highway lacks a good lighting and visual. Its total black and zero visibility in some areas of the highway.

After that night travel experience, we decided not to take that road ever again (at night only)

While on the way, me and my wife are hunting for a bakery store in Tagaytay, we love bread and eat this in the morning and also in the evening as our midnight snacks, when I heard that we will do a bakery hunting in Tagaytay, I got the idea to bring our small jar of Skippy peanut butter, there’s a love and hate with that peanut butter, but for today, I‘m loving it back again.

Here we discovered Junil’s Bakeshop in Mahogany Ave.
It’s a bakeshop that operates 24 hours a day, its always open and they prepare freshly baked pandesal for motorist, travelers and tricycle drivers.

Inside Junil’s Bakeshop.

Just in time for a freshly baked pandesal.

One of the most popular bread here in Tagaytay are the malunggay bread and pandesal.

They mix the malunggay leaves that are processed into powder form and mix it with baking ingredients. The bread is now powered up with healthy malunggay leaves.

Also, one of the popular breads are the ube breads.

we bought some pandesal, bread and my fave ensaymada.

With so much excitement of our new discovery, we started eating the ensaymada while we are inside the car hahaha.

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