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Monday, April 14, 2014

A milky side trip to Alaminos Goat Farm - Southern food trip part 6

April 8, 2014 – During our journey back to Manila, one of our co-bloggers spotted the sign of Alaminos Goat Farm on the road, at first we passed by while on the way to San Pablo, Laguna, and then we spot it again while we are on the road going back to Manila.

Our van turned right and entered an alley (road can fit one vehicle only) and then we arrived in a small residential area and saw the large metal gate of Alaminos Goat Farm. I went off the van and knocked on the big gate and then there’s a guy opened a small portion of the gate, I inquired if they are open that day, I’m not sure what’s inside but I saw a glimpse of their mini store inside their farm, I inquired if the store is open, the guy guard of the gate told me that the store is open and we can come in. They allowed our van to enter the farm and we parked near the store.

Alaminos Goat Farm
Alaminos, Laguna

There’s a guy inside the pasteurizing area of the store and he told me that the store manager is not around, it means that the store is closed, but that’s okay, the farm staff told us that they can sell today their Milk Star goat’s milk ice cream for PHP50 per cup.

Our southern food trip bloggers inquired if we can buy fresh goat milk that day, then the farm staff shared to us that all of their goat milk are sold out and was delivered to their buyers in Manila. The farm staff told us that the best day to visit the farm to buy milk is around 7am in the morning.

but that’s okay, we can still enjoy their goat milk ice cream

Cheese flavor

Ube and chocolate

The best flavor for me is the Salted Caramel

They also sell soap and other products made from goat’s milk

Milk Star is their dairy goat milk brand for their goat milk products

They also invite you to become a direct seller and dealer

The Alaminos Goat Farm

We didn’t saw any goats inside, but we can smell the odor of the goat’s poop, there’s a covered farm at the other side of the farm, I did some research and I learned that they have around thousands of goats inside the farm, local and foreign kind of goats. They feed on grass that are grown and taken care by farmers and also feeds to add more nutrition to the goat. They produce 150+ liters of goat milk per day and they milk 60-80 goats per day from morning and evening only.

Here’s my salted caramel ice cream

my southern food trip bloggers mentioned that the ice cream has no sweetness or taste, I think its better to have a creamy and slight flavor for the ice cream and not lots of sugary taste. I think that’s the reason why they created this ice cream to be more healthy and with pure goat’s milk. I chose the salted caramel flavor because salty and sweet flavor tastes good in ice cream.

for PHP50, ok na din

Arpee’s Ube ice cream

Nessa’s chocolate ice cream

We took a break here for the moment and have some good time eating some goat milk ice cream.

Here’s a funny LV design trash can that I spotted outside the store

The tractor that transport the grass to the goat’s farm area.

We continued our journey back to Manila after finishing our ice cream at Alaminos Goat Farm.
At the SLEX highway, here I spotted a nice view of our Mount Makiling.

here’s a closer look of Mount Makiling.

-- next blog post…. our last stop of our southern food trip

Thanks to Nancy Reyes-Lumen, a food journalist, cook and tv host of the food tv show “Pinoy foodie” aka the adobo queen, now a blogger at , for the food trip adventure and try their family’s awesome restaurant.

Eat your favorite pinoy food at The Aristocrat Restaurant
The Aristocrat Restaurant
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