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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aftermath: Live viewing of the Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 (Alaxan event)

April 13, 2014 – Thanks to Alaxan for inviting us media and bloggers to watch the live pay per view of the 2nd boxing match of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley, the live viewing was held at Outback Restaurant in Glorietta, Makati. It’s my first time there to watch the live pay per view, I got a load of invitations recently for a live viewing, but I already gave my thumbs up first to Alaxan’s invitation. To all those who sent their invitations, thank you so much!

It’s a good day to celebrate Manny’s victory via unanimous decision against Timothy Bradley. I can say that this is the most stressful fight ever for Manny Pacquiao, because they are like a an immovable object trying to stop an unstoppable force. Two fighters dedicate their lives and career to prove which one is the better fighter of the night. Both fighters are still standing and the 12 rounds are not even fit for their slugfest, if boxing can let them finish off til Round 15, I’m sure one of them will still stand up and one of them will go down the canvass. Round 12 was the moment of truth, we can see that Manny and Bradley are frustrated and wants to put down a KO to one another. My hope for Manny to win in this match, it was close already because we saw that Bradley is already tired and stated to receive lots of blows of punches coming from Manny, if ever Manny didn’t got hit with that cheap head butt from Bradley, I’m sure that there’s a chance from Manny to KO Bradley at Round 12.

Bradley did some counterpunches on Round 1 til the middle of the fight, he just showed some mind games to Manny and taunt him to hit him in the face, but Manny did give him some punches and we saw that Bradley was turned into a penguin punching bag, he losses balance and hug Manny til the end of the round.

It was a close fight..but I’m glad that Manny won via the judges decision!

According to Bradley… he will train hard and be the next better fighter. As for Manny, he receive 30 stitches for his head butt wound, but he said that his journey in boxing will continue until he aged.
Manny is 35 years old, while Bradley is 30 years old.

It was a good fight for 2014!
Congratulations to both fighters!

Media and bloggers are busy tweeting.. because there’s a prize of boxing gloves with signature of Manny Pacquiao.

View from my table

The viewing set up here in Outback

Our lunch meal today

Our blogger friends are so busy tweeting

spotted Mommy Dionisia doing a pray over to her son Manny Pacquiao

American idol finalist Jessica Sanchez performing our Philippine national anthem

Ashanti performing the American national anthem

Start of the big fight!

Manny enters the arena…

with all smiles and according to the sports announcer that Manny is in all smiles with styles

Manny prays at the corner of the ring

Timothy Bradley enters the arena…covered with his hoodie

Manny smiles as he removed his shirt

Referee’s final words before starting the match

Round 1 heated up so quickly…
each fighter studied their opponents movements

Bradley is quick..he dodges lots of blows of Manny

It’s a slugfest from Round 1-12.
I thought that someone will get KO on Round 12..but it seems that both fighters are still hungry for victory.

the viewers cheering for the victory of Manny as the announcer mentioned that he won the WBC Welterweight title.

I saw this in Instagram hahahahah
Mommy D is having a big highlight online

Manny receives his belt..

Interview time… Manny and Bradley never stops for being humble to each other after the match

that’s me… I survived the live viewing hahaha.

note to self: find the names of those ring girls

an official from Alaxan, thanking us for supporting their viewing event.

Manny Pacquiao is an endorser of Alaxan for 19 years already.

I saw this in Instagram hahahah
the pinoy fans are so excited to see our BIR’s response after Manny’s victory.


Me at home..wearing the Alaxan cap (freebie from the event)

Time to play with my Mindstyle figure of Manny Pacquiao! pam pam pam pam!!

Thanks again Alaxan!!!

Great to see you again after so many years of blogging!
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