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Friday, April 11, 2014

Inside the haunted Laperal House (now an art gallery venue) - Azalea Residences Baguio family vacation part 8

March 29, 2014 – The famous white house along Leonard wood st. in Baguio is a must visit place for adventurers and also ghost hunters and lovers.. hahaha. the old haunted house owned the by Laperal family and now bought by Lucio Tan, is now open for the public as an art gallery. The haunted house is now part museum, art gallery and also haunted house. It houses the bamboo art sculptured pieces done by the only bamboo sculpture artist in the Philippines.

I went back to Baguio in the early of 2013, which is my comeback visit after more than 20 years. I heard this haunted white house from documentaries and news on TV, they visited this and they got spooked and disturbed by resident ghosts, which believed to be the Laperal family and master owners of the house. The place and the white house is very spooky when you see it up close. According to a friend who lives here, he got a ghostly experience during his youngling years , he was at a nearby restaurant and when he stood by the window of the resto, he saw a ghostly white lady standing at the terrace of the white house. He got scared after he saw it.. and until now..he still believes that they are still in the house.

Entrance fee of the Laperal house art gallery is PHP 50 each per head.

Watch this video to see the eerie ambiance of the Laperal house –

This blogger caught a ghost lady wearing a dark cloak, I think she’s donya Victorina Laperal, the wife of Don Laperal. check out the photo at

In early 2013 – its my first time to see this house upclose, and then in the middle of 2013, they opened it as an art gallery and a museum. I went back to Baguio in November 2013, we visited this house again but it was closed at the time we we arrived, I think the art gallery is opened up to 5pm only.

The haunted house is more creepy during foggy afternoon here in Baguio.

Few of us got the interest to go inside, others got scared and they waited for us in the van. I invited my son Ashton to come with me and have a little adventure.

We are now inside The Laperal House.
There are some noise and activity happening inside, like kids running, kids playing, screaming, shouting of teens, but all of them are not ghost, they are visitors and tourist who are checking out the other parts of the haunted house.

My interest here is to check out the bamboo sculpture art.

The interiors of the house is awesome.. all brown and made up of wood.
Outside is just a colored white house, but inside is very amazing, its quite a shock to see that the house is very well maintained and clean.

I took some photos using my Oympus E-PL1, just taking another chance to capture any ghostly images. Last time when I used my camera in a haunted hospital in Clark Pampanga, I captured some ghost images at the hospital ruins.

I have a third eye, I’m glad that it is closed and not fully working when I entered this house. There are times that I feel heavy and dizzy if ever I entered a house with resident ghost. As I enter the Laperal house with my son and friends, I didn’t feel anything, I guess the house started to warm up with some positivity through out the year when it was opened as a heritage house, public art gallery and museum.

The bamboo art sculptures were decorated along with the vintage fixtures and furniture of the old Laperal house.

That old clocks and furniture are original items and been sitting there for several years.

Fireplace area.

At the ground floor, there’s a mini store were you can buy original wooden and woven products made by locals.

Wooden plates and bowl.

here are the bamboo art sculptures.
the artist sculpted a totem like figure and diorama on the bark of the bamboo stem. When it harden, it looks like a real a normal wooden bark of a tree, but originally its from a bamboo.

Me taking a reflection selfie shot.

A close up look of the bamboo art sculpture..all pinoy made!

A lizard bamboo art sculpture

Ashton loves to selfie around the artworks.

A view of the art gallery

More bamboor art sculptures

here’s another unique artwork made from bamboo stem.

and now..its the time for some ghost hunting adventure here inside the Laperal haunted white house.
As guest, you can get the privilege to roam around the house. Feel free to to go up to the 3rd floor.

I’m glad that my third eye is closed at that time, but I started to feel some eerie feeling as soon as I was at the 2nd floor

There are four rooms, others were locked, I don’t why, maybe because that the room is not yet renovated.
I expect to see an old frame bed, but all I can see here is an old bed mattress, gawa pa ata ito sa Uratex foam.

All rooms are available for you to explore. Just make sure that you won’t see a ghost.

Here’s the master’s bedroom. There’s a fireplace at the 2nd floor. Some say that this is eeriest place of the house.

Another room at the 2nd floor, open that cabinet and there’s a surprise waiting for you.

The small and narrow wooden spiral staircase of Laperal house. It s perfectly preserved.

The terrace at the 3rd floor, according to the history of this house, the house helper or maid, commit suicide by jumping from this terrace, she died and the reason was because of being heart broken.

Mommy Lace and the others are waiting outside.
I was careful to stand here, because I felt that the wood flooring are not that safe.

the attic area of the house
its too dark in here… but I think I captured an elemental creature on this photo…. I swear that I saw something standing…and big…at the upper right corner of this photo, I saw it on the LCD viewer of the camera.

If you are using a tablet with retina, you’ll see some weird image here

View of the top floor

Now its time to go down….its getting dark na kasi

That’s a real cap of a skull…I wonder why they placed it near the window.

One last photo op inside the Laperal house

Mirror with bamboo art sculpture frame.

Old swimming pool

Great to meet you Laperal House.
Finally..I saw the beauty of it from inside.

Laperal House in Foursquare -

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