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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Thank you iBlog10–the Philippine Blogging Summit year 10

First of all, I like to thank Ms. Janette Toral for inviting me once more to have my solo talk in this years’ iBlog 10: Philippine Blogging Summit, I just can’t believe that the summit is already 10 years old, and it still continue to host a free learning center for bloggers every year, I’m already blogging for 11 years and I say that every blogger should check out and attend this summit every year, there are lots of changes and new trends in blogging, in this summit, you will learn the how to, the do’s and also don’ts. You can also approach and engage with the blogger you follow, the twitter personality you tweet with or a fellow Facebook person you just friended.

My 1st iBlog to attend was the 1st ever iBlog, I’m a super newbie for a 2 year older blogger, then after a few years, Janette invited me to have a talk about video blogging in partner with Kring who works with Flippish in the past and also got his own blog and video blog about her Korean boyfriend.

This year, Janette offered a challenge to me to do solo talk hahaha, I’m glad that I’m no longer nervous and I just read my script in order to have a clear message to my audience, but it works perfectly fine and I didn’t expected that my talk passed already the 15 minute time limit. My talk for this year is to share my experience and also the success of building communities through blogging. I have lots of communities that I organized in the past, that’s why I’m a bit confident to share some tips and story how online communities can help your blog.

You can read my slides and notes in my blog here at - my iBlog 10 slide presentation about “Building communities through blogging”

The audience of iBlog10 in Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law

We just arrived in time for Noemi Dado’s talk about blogging and citizen journalism

My moment…. hahahaa..
thanks to my wife Lace Llanora for taking the pics

At the panel with Vince Golangco of and Jinoe Gavan of

during the forum, we didn’t expected that many will ask more questions about online communities, we ran out of time but we accommodated the last 3 with one questions only.

Vibal publishing, as one of the sponsors of the event, shared to us their ebooks and Viber reader app

photo op with our fave blog reader @danglibrarian

and photo op with my fave blog reader Kimi

here’s my photo gallery of iBlog10

51 IMG_6567 P4040860 P4040871 P4040874 P4040877 P4040878 P4040882 P4040880 P4040885 P4040886 P4040892 P4040893 P4040895 P4040898 P4040899 P4040900 P4040902 P4040904 P4040905 P4040907 P4040909 P4040911 P4040912 P4040919 P4040920 P4040923 P4040924 P4040930 P4040932 P4040936 P4040939 P4040941 P4040949 P4040950 P4040951 P4040955 P4040956 P4040958 P4040959 P4040962 P4040972 P4040973 P4040977 P4040980 IMG_6569 IMG_6571 P4040983 P4040987 P4040985 P4040990 P4040994 P4040995 P4040997 P4041003 P4041004 P4041005
Thanks again! and see you all in iBlog 11: 11th year of Philippine Blogging Summit, I heard that this year is the last…but that’s not acceptable! hahahaha. go go Ms Janette!!! if you need help in getting sponsors…andito lang kami! lets move to a bigger venue na din! and hope you bring back the iBlog mini summit.

for details of iBlog, visit the official site at
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