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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Events today for STAR WARS DAY 2014 in the Philippines (May the 4th be with you)

If you are a Star Wars fan and want to celebrate the "May the 4th be with you" or Star Wars day, then I suggest you check out these 2 events and things you can do to commemorate the joys of being a jedi, sith, bounty hunter, clone, jawas, or a droid, or being a Star Wars fan.

May the 4th be with you celebration is an event created by Star Wars fans to celebrate the film franchise, the original play date of the 1st Star Wars films was on May 25, 1977, but fans from all over the world wants to celebrate it on May 4th, because the "4th" sounds like "force", like in the movies when Obi Wan Kenobi sent a good luck message to Luke Skywalker in the 1st film saying "May the force be with you".

so here are the two events we have for this month, too bad that I won't make it on both starwoidy events


Inviting all Star Wars fanatics to celebrate May the 4th with us as we give you Star Wars Day from May 3-4 at the Newport Mall Plaza! Event starts at 4PM. Come in your best Star Wars costume and win prizes.

Learn more about it here:



Imagine Nation Studios X Secret Fresh proudly presents:

May 4th, Sunday @ Secret Fresh Gallery 1.

Dubbed as May-the-4th-PH, this event was coined out of love of the epic series that made everyone a fan of anything and everything Star Wars, which then translated into art in the form of paintings and sculptures. What started as a pun created for a congratulatory advertising material in The London Evening News in honor of Margaret Thatcher’s victory as Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, it has since then become the unofficial Star Wars day celebrated worldwide. Through the years, Star Wars have made an impact to most people and is not just a movie, but is now part of our culture. 2014 marks as the 37th anniversary since the first film from the series was released, and our lives has been changed ever since. What started as a small project by George Lucas back in the 70’s, both official partners and fans alike have since then created books, toys, movie props, and conventions in order to keep the spirit of force alive. Star Wars made an incredible mark into pop culture in all age brackets imaginable and will forever remain in the hearts of fans and geeks worldwide.

About the show:
VADERBOY Show marks as the second Star Wars related collaboration of Imagine Nation Studios with Secret Fresh; the dark side of the force is indeed irresistible, after all. Upon learning that May 4 lands on a Sunday, we know we just had to push through with this event no matter what. Conceptualized right after wrapping up the TROOPERBOY Show last December, VADERBOY is a representation of a kid’s playful imagination of someday ruling the galaxy far far away. Armed with a mini lightsabre, control chestplate, and a cape to complete his look; he dreams of one day having an incredible journey with his trooperboys and plan to conquer the darkside of the force together.
Event activities includes the grand launch of VADERBOY, custom VADERHEADS exhibition by various artists, film viewing of all 6 Star Wars movies and documentaries, live-art painting session open to all the artists attending the show, and a special participation of the 501st Legion Philippine Outpost.

About the toy:
VADERBOY stands at 14inches tall, produced in 30 limited pieces for the regular version, and one-of-a-kind exclusive version that are limited to 5 pieces only. VADERHEADS D.I.Y. will also be available for purchase; after all, you know you just can’t leave without a souvenir from the show.
Also officially announcing the special silent auction of one Vaderboy for the benefit of White Cross Children’s Home. All proceeds from the said auction will be given to the said institution, so we are inviting everyone to join our cause in helping the less fortunate.

Aside from the official launch of Vaderboy, this collaboration also includes a custom show wherein over 50 various artists were invited to design their own take on the D.I.Y Vaderheads.

The participating artists are:
Lawrence Aliwalas of INS – JeAA – Melbourne Aquino – Arnold Austria of Jagnus Design Studio - Darrel Ballesteros – Bato – Bjorn Calleja – Chill – Jigger Cruz – JP Cuison – Mariano Ching – Bembol Dela Cruz – Maria Delfino – Beejay Esber – James Esguerra – Everywhere We Shoot – Fa Bo – Egg Fiasco – Maurice Gaerlan – Sarah Gaugler – Gori – Karl Gustav – Bree Jonson – Jood – Potti Lesaguis – Miko+Jolo Livelo of Punchkick – Dino Lopez – Gene Paul Martin – Jason Montinola – Nemo – Leeroy New – Epjay Pacheco – Milch Pe of INS – Mark Perez – Quiccs – Ranelle Rain – Isabel Santos – Luis Santos – Soler Santos – Nikko “PissvoidGSM” Samson – Ice See – Sonny Sunga of Jagnus Design Studio – Tawnie Tantay – Mimi Tecson – Tripp63 – Sydney Valdez – Wesley Valenzuela – Michael Villagante – Whoop – Bryan Yabut – JJ Zamoranos – Cos Zicarelli

Imagine Nation Studios (INS) is a group composed of different professional artists, focusing on creating sculptures and other forms of 3D art, and is proudly based in the Philippines. Headed by Lawrence Aliwalas and Milch Pe, INS believes that art shouldn't solely be expressed through canvass or illustrations but instead, should also be interpreted through three-dimensional representations as well. Started in 2008, INS has already worked and collaborated with various artists, studios, advertising agencies, film production houses, musicians and various companies. From life-sized sculptures, designer/art toys, furnitures, prosthetics, movie props, etc., they are now also fast becoming known as a trophy manufacturer with premium quality. INS is always committed to furthering the excellence of the art of character design in the sculpture industry by continuing to create using traditional / modern techniques and design method.

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