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Monday, May 05, 2014

Toy spotting in Toy Kingdom before Holy Week

Toy Spotting: My new hobby for toy market watch that I’ve been doing since late 90’s when I started to collect action figures and toys. In toy spotting, I just visit a toy store, look for some interesting toy for sale especially the discounted toy items, I usually don’t buy a toy when I do toy spotting, but there are times that I buy toys if ever I like the toy and the price is discounted. Back in the days, we call it toy hunting, we hunt for toys and buy the rare ones that are sold for a cheap price. I usually visit the mainstream toy stores and provincial malls that have their own toy section, there are times that they have awesome vintage toys sold inside that are now collecting dust.

For this toy spotting series, I spotted some cool new toys and old toys in Toy Kingdom.

Above is the Burger truck from Tomica, Its my first time to see this burger truck and I went on panic because I want it, and I’m sure my son want it too, I looked on the Tomica shelf and saw no box of the Tomica burger truck.arghhhh I will visit another Toy Kingdom store for this Tomica burger truck.

Scrambling Eggs toy car
I’m impressed with this kind of toy car, the egg shape car transforms from egg and then to a car.
This is a must have for a toy car collector. I’m not a bit comfortable with the price, but since you buy two toys for a price of one…. egg and car hahhaa.

Pull back plastic car
The price is cheap, this plastic toy car with pull back feature is so cute. I can buy each every time I visit Toy Kingdom for Ashton as my pasalubong hahaha.

The super deformed plastic toy cars have a fire truck, ambulance, tanker and dump trucks.
hmm…collect them all ???

Tonka Chuck and friends
I’m attracted to this toy because of its yellow price tag, it means that they already lowered the price to PHP 200. This is already a nice offer and Tonka toys are one of the best starter toys for toddlers. I will buy this next time.

Plastic display case for die cast cars
I didn’t know that they sell this inside Toy Kingdom, I’m planning to store those cool die cast cars we have at home, I have some die cast cars that are a collectors’ item, but my son already plays with it and the entire box is missing, this plastic display case will help me to store those cool toy cars and to warn my son that’s a big no no to touch the collectors’ item section of my toy cabinet. Its cheap at PHP 129.

Hot Wheels red DeLorean car
OMG. its rare to see this inside the toy store.. I have a friend who have this toy car and sells it over the PHP99 range.. It looks good, but too bad that the car’s door are not opening because its Hot Wheels.

Its awesome to see the Toy Kingdom store that I visited decided to put more shelves for Tomica.
I’m not sure if they are heavily promoting Plarail train hobby to kids.

PHP 1.5k for a Plarail set….. ok next time! we have one set already at home..but I still want a MRT and a Shinkansen train for Ashton.

Spin-Go pull back high speed motorcycle toy.
We have this toy…but according to my son, he lost it and can’t find it, because its so small and it fly away somewhere around the house, thanks to the push forward motorized action that powers the toy motorcycle to run in high speed up to 22 KPH, I think it’s the fastest high speed toy vehicle. Toy Kingdom SM Aura gave us a complimentary toy loot when the store opened, they introduced to us this Spin-Go toy.

Me and Ashton are planning to buy this loop tracks, but we lost the toy already..

But that’s okay, we can buy the loop track with a free motorcycle for a price of PHP 299 time!

Nano Speed armored car and tank
When Ashton got his first Micro Chargers from Australia (thanks Ate Joni and Anya), I told my son that we should have this Nano Speed toy, just like Spin-Go, it doesn’t require any batteries and the pull back action powers the tiny car to run in full speed.

Pororo now finally got his own shelf
I’m in ipon mode to buy that Pororo doll.

Another cool toy for this summer, throw the ball and catch it using the racket with velcro sticker

ipon mode again to buy this next time hahaha.

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