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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Win this! copies of FHM Magazines and Rogin-E by answering the questions below

Rogin-E Multi Vitamins[1]
Its contest time to my fellow readers, but before we proceed to the contest, I like to share some story and a tidbits information about Rogin-E.

There are times that I’m already burned out and tired, no extra energy is left during the busy day of blogging, attending events, outdoor sports and the hassle of traffic plus problems in commuting everyday , those activities always drain all of my energy.

It was suggested by my wife that I should take some vitamins so that I can have more energy and vitality when I arrive at home. There are times that I hit the bed and sleep after arriving in our home, this upsets my wife and even my child, because I have less time for them and I can only see them in the morning the next day after I wake up, and then…I go ariba again to finish my work and also go out in the big jungle of Manila.

This will sound like a testimonial, because I tried taking Rogin-E one time and then the following day, I see myself that I'm like a big truck with no brakes, I work non stop and also I have more energy for my wife and kid to watch tv and play with his LEGO bricks. Also my wife loves it when I have more energy in store for her for daily coffee and midnight snacks, because of that…I do have more time to do another job 2 hours after they go to bed. I can log into my Facebook and sometimes do blogging, I end my day daily at around 2am and woke up the next day at around 8am for another round of work.

About Rogin-E check out the snippet of article below…..

Along with Rogin-E’s vitamins and minerals, it contains Korean Panax Ginseng, Deanol and Royal jelly, three substances that have each been linked to distinct health benefits, particularly for those who live active and rugged lifestyles. Of the multivitamins and supplements on the market for active people, only Rogin-E contains all three of these ingredients. This unique combination of ingredients unleashes a unique set of benefits: endurance, mental potency and vitality. For the man on top, this means longer hours in the boardroom and in the bedroom.
-- thanks to the Korean Panax Ginseng for potency, Deanol for endurance benefits and Royal jelly for vitality in Rogin-E

Rogin-E 7 pcs_0644
But what are these three ingredients of Rogin-E ??

Panax Ginseng - People use this ginseng for medication for almost 2,000 years. They use Panax Ginseng to treat a variety of mental and physical disorders. It is also renowned for improving physical endurance and longevity.

Deanol - a mental booster that helps in improving one’s mood, mental focus and sense of well being. Deanol also has anti-oxidant properties. The total effect of these ingredients working in synergy is greater than the sum of the parts

Royal Jelly – sounds like your jelly in a fridge, but its an anti oxidant that helps to boost the immune system and slows aging of our body.

Instead of taking too many supplements, its better to take Rogin-E because the same benefits can’t be match by other supplements, it takes 2-3 different supplements to have the same benefit of Rogin-E, because it’s the only real choice of multivitamins with minerals, deanol, royal jelly and Korean panax ginseng which considered as the generic name for Rogin-E.

So here’s the CONTEST details!!!!
Get a chance to win 5 FHM Magazines back issues and 5 pouches of Rogin-E 10+2 by answering the questions below

***take note that aged 18 and above are allowed to join

What are the three premium ingredients that are found together only in Rogin-E?

What are the three main benefits of drinking Rogin-E regularly?

What kind of person was Rogin-E specifically formulated for?
For non users:
Do you want to try Rogin-E?

Tell us what you’ve heard about Rogin-E that makes you want to try it?
For users: Are you hooked on Rogin-E? Tell us why it’s your supplement of choice.

Post your answers below via our comment box, make sure you post your name and also valid email.
A rep. from Rogin-E will select the correct and best answers.

We are looking for 4 Winners!!
Winners will be contacted via email
Prizes will be sent to the winner’s home address after a few days of announcements.
Contest duration starts today May 14-May 30, 2014

thanks to Rogin-E for supplying the prizes for my blog readers!
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