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Friday, June 06, 2014

The event briefing - 13th Philippine Toycon 2014 production note 3

Welcome back to my production notes and blog for my event 13th Philippine Toycon, I’ve been blogging my production notes every year and this post will document everything about the behind the scenes in organizing the biggest and long time running pop culture and geek event in South East Asia.

We’re so busy and we already devoted our 12 hours this month for organizing the event and we have 14 days to go before the big day. We have to make sure that all stuff are being delivered on time. If we deliver and finish early, we can sleep quietly and live a life without eye bags hahaha.

Last Wednesday was our event briefing for our sponsors and exhibitors, we occupied the 2 rooms of Megatrade Hall Conference Center to accommodate our 200+ exhibitors and sponsors. I was in Tagaytay that morning and I told my wife that we need to go back home 5 hours before our event briefing which will happen at around 6pm. Traveling is not very comfy for us because we boarded a crappy aircon bus, I’m glad that we arrived home at around 3pm, and it gave me more time to have a rest, take a bath and even eat a quick snack before leaving the town and head to Manila.

I slept inside the bus during the travel because there’s traffic ahead, then I woke up and I noticed that its already 4:30pm, then I went back to sleep and enjoy the cool aircon of the bus that drives from Cavite to Manila. Then I woke up inside the bus and I saw the time is 5:30pm, I started to panic because I’m still in Coastal Road and I learned that it was Wednesday and there’s a chaotic traffic ahead of us because its Baclaran Church day. I just wish that they built a fly over infront of that church just to give way to passing motorist and commuter vehicles. I didn’t know that we are stuck in traffic for 1 hour already, so I prayed that I arrive at 6pm in SM Megamall.

Well, Thanks to God that he answered my prayers, our bus got away from the Baclaran traffic and it landed me smoothly at the bus terminal in Pasay and near the MRT 3, I took the train to SM Megamall smoothly and arrived in our event briefing at exactly 6PM.

After arriving, I spotted a long line of people at the registration center, I excused myself for over taking the line and I headed straight to say hi and hello to Vic and Cholo, I went to the projector area and pop out my laptop and played the AVP that I prepared for the event briefing. We started the session and it was a success, Vic mentioned that the event briefing turned out to be a major event already hahaha.

After 13 years, we have a smooth event briefing, we raffle off some cool toys and items and our event exhibitors were so happy with it.. That Iron Man Necca giant size action figure is the grand prize of the night, I want that too haahaha. Hello Arigato Toys!

All I can say is that having a post mortem discussions after our event every year really helps us to improve better in the future.

Here’s my photo taken by Cholo Mallillin, I talked to our exhibitors and sponsors that they can utilize our social media channels by promoting their products and booth. I told them they can hijack our comments section anytime hahaha.

At the event briefing, Vic and Cholo started the do’s and don’ts during ingress and egress time.

We also gave away our official poster of the event, thanks to Psicom for printing our event poster, our very reliable print partner for ToyconPh every year.

Vic and Cholo started the raffle session in between breaks. We raffle off some cool vinyl toys, shirts, jackets, mobile phone keychains, Guardians of the Galaxy posters, Spider-man sling bag and many more. Thanks to our sponsors for providing the giveaway for our event briefing.

Ms. Rose, a rep. from Megatrade Hall shared some info and tips about how to use the permits, the parking lot and lots of do’s and don’ts in using the hall.

I was infront operating the laptop and also I enjoyed eating our dinner – we got pasta and muffins for everyone that night.

More raffle giveaways…

The grand raffle of the night – Unmasked battle damaged Iron Man by Necca

Our event exhibitors and sponsors

Oh man..I want to add that poster to my movie poster collection

Selfie muna! hahahaha

I also met Ronald of Toy Nerd store, he introduced me to this new model kit hobby and the model kit brand Metal Earth, expect a review here in my blog for the next few days.

here’s selfie moment of Cholo and Vic in ala-Oscar selfie photo hahahaha.

here are some photos
P6025450 P6025452 P6025455 P6025458 P6025459 P6025461 P6025468 P6025470 P6025472 P6025473 P6025475 P6025477 P6025478 P6025480 P6025481 P6025482 P6025483 P6025484 P6025486 P6025487 P6025489 P6025491 P6025492
see you all on June 20-22, 2014 for the 13th Philippine Toycon 2014
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