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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Spiced and diced at Minerva’s Cajun Shack restaurant in Shangri La Plaza-The Ledge

If you want to explore more different kind of food, then I dare you try the yummy Southern America cuisine. It’s a popular cuisine because of the chili and seafood combination of their meal. A new restaurant was introduced me and they serve this kind of cuisine. Minerva’s Cajun Shack is a new restaurant concept that was brought here by the owners of Murray’s New Orleans restaurant, it’s a restaurant that serves New Orleans type of dish, similar to Minerva, they both serve Cajun food. 

When I hear Cajun, only image that pops in my mind is Gambit, a comic character from the X-men universe. Also not just Gambit, but also the Man vs. food series on Tv. Because I spotted one episode when they roam the street and tried all those spicy yummy Cajun dishes. Its one of my dream to try it and oh boy! Dining in New Orleans or in Minerva no longer requires you to fly to Louisiana, USA.

Cajun dishes usually have the holy trinity ingredients, namely - bell pepper, celery and onions the spice on these three ingredients are diced and combined into cooking like in French cuisine.

So enough the talking…let me show you around Minverva’s
btw, the photo above is from I borrowed the photo from his blog (thanks Ron)

Inside Minverva’s will remind you of the old New Orleans restaurant. Well they share the same interiors and menu, but the menu here in Minerva is much more upgraded than New Orleans. According to the resto people, they target the female diners for Minerva, that’s why the name sounds like from the Greek books of mythology.

The menu. just click on the photo to view the large version of the photo.

I’m pretty pump up with my dining experience here in Minvera’s Cajun Shack, because the food served on our table is new and I can say that some buffet in hotels serve this kind of cuisine. But here in Minerva’s, you can order it by just raising two fingers in the air.

Here are the food from
Minverva’s Cajun Shack

Down by the bayou (PHP 245)
Crusted calamari, catfish and creole mustard aioli
I didn’t know that I’m already eating a catfish! hahahaha. I just figured it out when I read the description on their menu. Its chewy and I prefer dipping this with a catsup or chili catsup.

Famous Pete's Buffalo Wings (PHP 349)

Bombastic ang chili nito!!! it’s a common buffalo wings.. nothing special

Ceasar Salad (PHP 249)

and the salad too…but I love to see the large chunk of roasted chicken

Bourbon st. Masquerade (PHP 295)
Pork mask, chicken liver, holy trinity, quail eggs, pork cracklings

A must try if you want real Cajun food! Spicy, salty and juicy oily hahaha. It looks so cholesterolic but It’s the yummiest food here in Minerva’s

Spinach Ravioli (not on the menu yet)

This is good too!

Oyster rockefeller (PHP 349)

Shrimp Etouffee Pasta (PHP 385)

One of the best pasta that I ever tasted!!! its creamy cheesy and tasty. I can eat two platter of this..and Omg. I will definitely order this when I visit this resto. Shrimp Etouffee Pasta is a must try for Cajun food lovers.

Voodobo Rice (PHP 245)

I didn’t tried this..but it looks good

BBQ spareribs PHP 949 (12pcs. strips)

ahhhhh its like we’re eating in a jungle..this BBQ Spareribs was the star of the night. The meat part is soft and the glaze on it is just right.. I’m glad its not burned.

Iced tea

Megarita cocktail drinks (PHP 250)

Of course, the happy beverage in New Orleans is also here in Minerva’s. There’s a magic in this cocktail mega glass. When you sip more…the cocktail drinks doesn’t ran out easily. Its like an unlimited drink. I never finish my drink ever even when Im at New Orleans.

Ahhhh the happiness….. My Megarita is a symbol of joy and luck.
cheers for the success month of May
As usual…food talks… ok skipped this part

Anti social ??? no.
The person around me are so busy Instagramming the food on the table.
Yup.. bloggers at work!
Minerva's Cajun Shack by Murray's New Orleans'
brancj: Shangri La Plaza - The Ledge, 6th floor
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