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Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Red Crab alimango house restaurant–from seafood to pinoy and exotic food in Shangri La Plaza-The Ledge

The Red Crab alimango house restaurant is not new, it’s a seafood restaurant that we know that serves the best crab with 24 kinds of recipe. But little we know that they also serve the best of pinoy food, –exotic and other Asian cuisine. I just learned from it when the relaunched a new Red Crab restaurant in Shangri La Plaza at the top floor of the mall which they call “The Ledge”, it’s the restaurant belt in Shangri la Plaza that houses different restaurant concepts in Manila, which is quite popular to celebrities because they are comfortable in dining there without any activity with their fans.

This food adventured with Red Crab restaurant gave me a new meaning to their so called seafood restaurant type, they are now changing and now offer not just crabs, but also freshwater fish and veggies that is inspired from Northern and Southern Luzon cuisine.

I tried the dish on our table and I just failed to taste my favorite.. the pinais
But that’s okay. I will try that next time when I dine in Red Crab next week.
So pinais!!! get ready!!!

Here’s The Red Crab restaurant, it’s a bit different from their seafood house in other branches, here they show a pinoy style interiors with bahay kubo window tyle and wooden chandeliers.

P1014565 P1014566
here’s the location of Shangri La Plaza’s restaurant belt at the Ledge. I think this is in the 5th floor..yung top floor di ba?

The same old logo..same name..but different set up..and different menu. I’m not sure if they will change the menu of their other branches.

P1014569 P1014570P5204641 P5204642
Everything is new…. its funny that they also added a pumice rock for your crab.

Here’s the menu of Red Crab restaurant, just click the photo below to view large version

P1014573 P1014574 P1014575
P1014576 P1014577 P1014578
P1014579 P1014580 P1014582
Check the menu so that you can have the idea how much you need to prepare if you want to dine in here.
Food price ranges from PHP 250+ and above.


Binalot sa buro (PHP 245)
- a set of fermented fish, tawilis, bangus, ensalada, red egg and tinapa flakes

I’m not a fan of appetizers, sometimes I eat this right away with some rice.

Dilis (PHP ?) and crispy baby squid (PHP 175)

The cripsy baby squid is the best!!! Its sweet, crunchy, juicy and salted. Dip it on a vinegar and enjoy the seafood taste. Also best pair it with a rice hahahaa.

Seafood salpicao (PHP 269)

Seafood salpicao is just a normal appetizer or pica pica, I can’t remember if this is chili or sweetened.

Ulang – a freshwater shrimp
The jumbonic humongous shrimp that I ever saw.. I thought that it is a lobster, then the waiter told me that it’s a freshwater shrimp, then I remember that my uncle and cousin in the province hunt this in our river. Freshwater shrimps are the tastiest kind of shrimp. They are the best for soup and grilled.

The head of the gigantic shrimp is rich with …hmm cholesterol hahaha
No one from my table dare to eat it, my table mate helped me harvest this from the hot pot. Thanks Steven!

Sinigang na ulang sa bayabas (PHP 495)

The freshwater shrimp – called “ulang” is also good in a sinigang guava soup. Because of its size, you’ll think of it already as an exotic food.

Bihod rice (PHP 189)
It’s a fried rice with dried fish egg, at first I thought that it’s a bagoong rice. But this friend rice is good with bits of dried and fried egg of a fish. The egg pops as you chew the rice.

Hardcore foodies must try this!

Chiqui’s pesang dalag (PHP 298)
- mudfish cooked in vegetable broth

I’m not a fan of dalag or mudfish, but it’s a worth a try to eat the white meaty part of the mudfish.

Manila pork ribs (PHP 280)

its pork!!! sympre..the best pag pork ribs.. The only lonely pork meat in our table.

Pinais na GG or galunggong ( no price yet)
- Galunggong fish fillet with tomatoes and onions, wrapped and grilled with banana leaves

hay..any kind of Pinais cooking is my favorite, back in the province, I worship a “pinais na hipon” food. But for a galunggong fish fillet cooked in pinais style.. omg!!! I know this is good. In our province, we cook the pinais over a boiled cocount milk and then the shrimp is added with coconut meat and then wrapped in banana leaves. I’m not sure if they have the same cooking process here in Red Crab.

Vietnamese paella sa bamboo (PHP 495)

The paella is good too.. then I found out that the bamboo is just for the presentation.

Dinengdeng with grilled tinapa (PHP 255)
- veggies with lima beans and squash flavor infused with a smoked bangus fish

Veggies and tinapa! a perfect marriage of pinoy food favorite. I also dig this because the soup and veggies are good. Its tasty and because its a dinengdeng with fish!!!

Malaysian chili kangkong crab

the holy grail of Red Crab….of course…crabs.

read the menu for the pricing of their crab according to weight
for example. PHP 185/100kg for king crabs

Crab with coconut and kangkong

Crab Maritess

Among the three crabs… The Crab Maritess stand out from my tasting list.
Too bad that my photo is a bit crappy. But I will get back at this crab next time when I visit Red Crab restaurant.

Lemongrass iced tea (PHP 188)
Perfect drink for a luncheon crabfest.. if you get this, you’ll get a complimentary refill.
Too bad that its not an unlimited refill. I hope they add 2-3 refills.

Classic tocino del cielo aka leche flan (PHP 155)

The desserts line here in Red Crab is very impressive, I just can’t believe that its like a blast from the past or should I say that I traveled somewhere when I met these yummy desserts. I know what they are, The name rings a bell and a bit common dessert, but the taste of it is very different and its like you’ll forget your problem when you tasted each dessert.

The classic tocino del cielo is one of the best… it melt and sticky milky leche flan type but its good than the one you make at home.

Suman latik and coco jam sundae (PHP 188)

Suman is a common food for me, but this set up makes me realize that I’m not eating a regular suman. Adding some mangoes and bits of latik makes me an alien for the day.

for the coco jam sundae….oh damn.. its good too

Bibingka keso parfait (PHP 188)

Another dessert that I love…. omg. its an ice cream with chunks of bibingka under it.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes cake (PHP 188)

I love any kinds of brazo de mercedes, I even hoard it in Goldilocks bakery, but here in Red Crab their Frozen Brazo de Mercedes will make you quit chatting and sing Frozen’s “Let it go”, the brazo de mercedes sits on a melting ice cream and sandwiched it with sweet sugary cake.


P5204612 P5204651
My blogger friends and media guest were so busy chatting about the food and also about the restaurant, I didn’t even joined the discussion because I’m so busy with my food infront of me. hahaah. But its great to meet the mayor chef!!! who conceptualizes all of these recipes for Red Crab.

If you want seafood madness and also try some exotic food, then drop by to Red Crab and check out the new meals for the seafood, veggie and exotic food lover.

Thanks to Ms. Xchosa for the invitation!

The Red Crab Alimango House in Shangri La Plaza
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