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Monday, July 28, 2014

Wham! Burgers rebrands to hit the spot, adds Sausages in new menu

Wham! Burgers is now on its 3rd generation, they now rebranded as Wham! Burgers and Sausages, they added sausages in their menu and I’m sure the meaty lovers are happy to hear the rebranding of Wham! There’s a mini tag line in their logo – “hits the spot”, this shows that Wham! is a sound when you hit something, similar to Bam! kablam! kaboom! and then we have Wham!

I was hoping that they will bring in the superheroes and comic book feel, because that’s were they started as a comic book expression or sound, but for its 3rd generation, they stayed what they are but onto the next level. The owner of Wham!, Mr. Tony Yap was there when we visited the 1st rebranded branch, I heard that they want to change the look and interiors of their restaurant, into the mid level of not being an upscale type but more on to the homey feel that their customers want to have.

As long as the burgers and sausages are good, that’s fine for me.

Wham! ‘s new rebranded store, its their first here in SM North EDSA-The Block. The owner said that they will change the rest of the store branches to the new Wham! hit the spot version.

here’s an article bit about their rebranding

”On its 11th year, Wham is introducing its exciting look matched with a menu to satisfy burger lovers appetite for huge, more flavorful and ever-evolving appetite for something deliciously new. Get to know Wham Burgers and Sausages, a celebration of patty perfection along with other equally satisfying sausages bound to hit the spot on so many levels.
While its burgers with endearingly huge patty and signature smoky flavor remains the star in every creation, the new Wham Burgers and Sausages outlet is classy and classic combined, where all burger creations are delicately served on chopping boards. The buns get an upgrade too, as its now using an artisan brioche bun with 30% butter which kicks up its almost cake like taste. Certified premium and freshly baked, the texture is tight and heavy on soft crumbs which makes each bite consistently pleasurable.
Perfecting the one-third pound pure beef patties at 80% lean and 20% fat, Wham’s burger patties are gently seasoned only with natural flavor enhancers such as salt and black pepper. The time-tested Wham Burger with Cheese (P129), Double Whammy with Cheese (P199), Kapow (P199), Bronco Burger (P199), and Whammer (P259) still remains the ultimate standard for the best gourmet burgers but the new Sausage Sandwich items will surely make all hearts skip a beat, especially for gastronomes on the look out for flavorful and succulent sausage varieties. “

Here’s the new logo of Wham!
what do you think? when I saw this logo, it reminds me of a hot chili and spicy flavor, oh man, I want to pour those in my sausage or burgers. Expect me head to hit the spot after the bite.

I’m not familiar with the old interiors of Wham! here in SM North EDSA-The Block, but I like the style of having an earthly colored walls and lots of cute signs posted on the walls. It feels like a burger diner in some country.

Here’s a copy of their new menu.
I’m glad that their iconic Wham! burgers are still there. and the Spaghetti fries are now included in their menu, kids will sure love that new concept for Wham! ‘s French fries.

For the Sausages, they have
1. Wiener
2. Schublig with Cheese
3. Beer Sausage
4. Kielbasa

Oh crap, I’m so curious to try that Beer Sausage. Ok maybe next time.

here’s another article about their new menu

”At a very friendly price of P135, the Wiener is a savory artisan recipe sausage made with original house blend ingredients. Not to be outdone is Schublig with Cheese (P149), an encounter with certified Swiss sausage made with beef and pork, spiced up with non-fat milk, finely ground onion and creamy cheese center. Beer and sausage proved to be a stellar combo; but the slow-grilled Beer Sausage (P149) simmered in beer and onion makes the perfect hot and juicy full meal with slightly salty umami taste. Upgrade to a combo and complement the burger or sandwich with crispy, golden fries for a minimum extra charge and seize with excitement other side dishes such as Cross Traxx, Onion Rings, Onion Strings, Potato Wedges or Pepper Popper. Kids hankering for a bright red and festive Filipino-style Spaghetti with generous cheese on top will also find the Spaghetti very satisfying for an extra charge of only P20. True to its crunchy, huge and with a ratio of 95 percent chicken versus the breading, the Premium Chicken Sandwich with Cheese (P165) are for those who can’t get enough of the meaty chicken, crisp lettuce and sharp-flavored mayonnaise beautifully layered in a soft kaiser bun.
Taking the new menu on a higher level are Wham’s top quality selections of both local and imported brands of beer which will make a good burger nothing like a typical stuff. From San Mig Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light or Super Dry, its smooth and rich flavor signifies a mix of comfort and relaxation. While for more sophisticated palates, Holland brand Bavaria has a provocative light bitterness made from pure barley malt and wheat. Bottomless soda is another insanely rewarding thirst-quencher and can truly make a difference to anyone’s burger indulgence. “
I arrived late for the Wham! Burgers and Sausages invitation for a taste and try activity with our fellow food bloggers. All of them were done eating and when I arrived, I received lots of good reviews and praises from them that the sausages are quiet good and tasty.

Wham! now serves beer!!!
for 18 years old above only!

The Bavaria beer is an imported beer from the Netherlands, the label says that its 5% alcoholic, but the beer kick in my system is very quick and got tipsy after a gulp of half of this beer. hahahah

Beer is a good pair to enjoy your burgers and sausages. I have this before every Octoberfest.
I suggest that Wham! should organize their own Octoberfest in the coming months.

Ok time to eat!!
let’s try their new sausages.

U Turn Sausage (PHP 279)
This sausage is the star of the day when I arrived here in Wham! it’s a cooked in coal grill, when I tasted this sausage, it reminded me of the old choriburger in Boracay, but more meatier and juicy. I kept on comparing it with a frank but this one is much heavier. We weren’t convinced that it is cooked over coal grill, two of our companies went to the kitchen to check if it’s a real coal grill, then they returned back to our table and showed to us some photos that they really cook it over fire and coal. Awesome!

oh wow.

Kielbasa (PHP 168)

It reminded me of another sausage store brand, but I know that Wham!’s version is better, I love mixing my sausage sandwich with some onions and lots of pickles, I wish for a chili con carne toppings but its not included in their menu.

So I dressed up my sausage sandwich and here what it looks like.

I don’t know how I can eat it, so I just squeeze it and do the conventional sandwich eating approach

But then its going to be a messy one, and here I discovered that its easier to eat it when I stick it with a fork. No problems in eating it and no messy table.

Mr. Tony Yap, owner of Wham! Burgers and Sausages

P1018999 interviews Mr. Tony Yap
The most nearest Wham! store in my are is in SM MOA, I hope they remodel it right away because I want to try their Beer Sausage.
Wham! Burgers and Sausages
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