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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mag-Internet Tayo (MIT) radio show is here to teach pinoys the simplest way to use the internet and tech

I went out early last Saturday just to meet the team “Mag Internet Tayo” or MIT, for some briefing and also for me to take note on what should I do. I was supposed to be one of their radio guest that evening, but then Team MIT Arpee Lazaro told me that I will be a guest co-host for their pilot episode of MIT, and its funny that I was so nervous at the last 5 minute before the start of the show, because being on radio and talking with your own is very different from being a guest on radio and you are there just to answer some questions.

I’m glad that everything went well, we throw off a lot of information on the evening of Aug 9 at 11pm, and its like that we’re having no brake and we chat all the night talking to radio listeners around the country and also with listeners from the USA. It’s mind boggling and the reception is good, we have lots of texters, phoners and Skype messages from people who are listening that night.

Congratulations to Team MIT for launching a new radio program! Super support ako sa new venture nyo!
Congrats Arpee, Juned, Nessa and Mercedes. Mag dala na tayo ng thermos at saka kape next time ahahha.

For the next coming week, I will be a guest host again, I will fill the chair for Juned, because he will travel to Sri Lanka, I’m not sure if I will be there, I will let Arpee and Juned decide if they wish me to go back on air with them. I didn’t expected that being on radio is sooo fun!

I learned that DWIZ 882khz is located in Shaw blvd in Pasig City. Here inside “C” building. Actually I still don’t know the location because we went there at night and it was too dark for me to memorize the route.

Me at the entrance of the radio booth. Another program is taking place inside that’s why the sign is glowing “RED”

I’m so pumped up because Juned and Arpee chose the song “Hooked on a Feeling” of Blue Swede band, as their opening music, that song was also used in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. it’s a popular song back in the 80’s

Chatting all the way!!!

I took down some notes for me to remind the topics that I need to discuss, its funny that we also added the live tv marriage proposal of Ding Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera as one of the most trending topic that week. I learned about this notebook thing from Chinne Deles Alas, also a radio program host in DZRJ radio.

Juned listens to Arpee and also to Carlos Celdran during the discussion. Carlos is not here with us but thanks to technology, we’re having a Skype communication with him while he’s in Toronto, Canada.

Arpee Lazaro now tells the story of ChickenSad hashtag and also entertains questions from radio listeners asking how to back up their media CD and DVD, is there a virus when viewing movies in some websites, where to download books and comics and many more.

I helped them answer some questions, and they labeled me as the resident tech expert hahaah.
I also gave news about some awesome apps that we need install like Viber and Veems app. Which I heavily use from time to time.

Congrats again to MIT for the pilot episode. I wish that next time you get a bonus free 30 minutes hahaha.

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