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Friday, August 29, 2014

My visit at Globe Digital Lifestyle Expo in SM Megamall (coverage)

The expo is a first from Globe, its all about the latest apps, mobile devices, mobile services, advocacy, event promotion and also the new service for Android app lovers. Its been a year since I attended an event from Globe, I gave another go signal to myself to attend this “Globe Digital Lifestyle Expo”, it attracted me when I first heard it because it’s a first ever digital expo featuring the apps, tech and mobile devices that makes our life more easier.

So I stated checking out the event posted in every blogs and Facebook post in my timeline, and I’m glad that my fellow blogger friends told me check it out and wait for an email invitation from a Globe rep. I was very uncomfortable at first because I do not know anyone working at Globe, and they know that I’m a big rant person online bec. we’re a Globe subscriber for more than 10 years in landline and internet. Few years ago when Globe started fixing their network, I decided to throw away my Globe sim because it was useless when there’s no signal and I lost some money because of late sms messages and no signal.

I bought a Globe sim card again last May 2014, because SMART signal is dead and the only reliable network in our province in Quezon is Globe. So I bought a Globe sim and powered it up with some unlimited mobile internet, but then the signal for mobile internet is on “E” edge, but I can still text and call using my new Globe sim and then until I discovered that the Facebook surfing is FREE and unlimited if you are using Globe. OMGG!! I’m missing the big leap for technology and surfing Facebook for FREE is one awesome development from Globe.

I gave them a chance because I need these stuff for my digital lifestyle and now here I am checking out the latest stuff that I missed here in their event.

I arrived at the venue at around 6:00pm, I roamed around the expo and took some pics of the booths and also the crowd. After doing a quick ocular check, I went to the media area to greet my friends at PBNET, then I stayed there with them and wait till the start of the program.

The program started with some ballet stuff or body movements of stage actors showing the life of a person with their mobile devices and then Peter Bithos, the chief operating advisor for Globe Telecom, Inc appeared on stage entering in that make shift virtual door.

When I saw Peter on stage, I feel that there’s a big announcement.

Then I was right…The announcement is about Google Play and Globe’s collaborative effort for bringing the Globe users closely to Google Play. We can now access Google Play store for FREE and we can purchase games by using your Globe prepaid load or postpaid account. I was so excited when I heard that and that’s a breaking news for the tech world here in our country. I posted a FB and tweet and many were surprised!

From Free Google search, Gmail, FB and now… Google Play

I also learned more about Globe’s new services

1. G Movies – I was part of a beta stage program of this app but the program didn’t pushed through because the app wasn’t ready yet few months ago, I didn’t follow up and let them do their stuff. But then I learned that they did a massive over haul and made a better G Movies service. You can book cinema tickets in any Ayala Cinema around the country and you can reserve your seat right away. It’s a cashless transaction type where you can use your Globe post paid account or your GCash. more details here at

2. Globe Cloud – Wow! I didn’t know that they have their own cloud. Many people love this service because it’s a virtual hard drive that you can upload, save and retrieve any kind of file where ever you are.
Globe now offers a PHP15 up to PHP500 per month deal for you to use their cloud with up to 100GB of space. If you download the Globe Cloud app you can get a FREE 1GB space. Get yours now here at

After Peter’s talk on stage, I went around the booth again and took a photo of this life size paper model of a Lotus F1 car. Then I went out of the venue to eat my dinner and get a awesome burger Friday at Triple O’s. I went back to the venue after my dinner because my blogger friends told me that they are still there.

At Globe Slipstream, they turned BGC road into a race track. Expect F1 car racing demo by F1 race driver Mark Stockinger. There will be also fun booths and rock concert at night. The event will be tomorrow Aug 30 at 1pm in Bonifacio High Street, BGC.

more details about the Globe Slipstream here at

When I went back, I missed the panel talk of Globe’s partner apps and devices, and then I learned that all invited media guest were entitled to shop around the booths and claim our!!! They gave us this passport card as checklist of their booths.

My first visit is the booth for the Globe Slipstream event that will happen tomorrow Aug 30 in BGC. I took a selfie with the giant model kit car and then I won a model kit miniature. My son loves this and we assembled this while we were in Tagaytay last weekend.

I became a Spotify user when I heard about the app launch here in our country. I just use the free feature because there’s tons of music already ready to be streamed for free in my laptop and iPhone.

The Cloudfone booth is a fun! you have to dance or sing around then they will use a GIF maker app from the Cloudfone and they will capture it for you.

The most loved booth is the Google Play UFO catcher doll. Its so hard to play this game…but I’m glad that everyone who tried to win or fail the game will still take home a doll of your choice. I chose an Angry Bird.

Holographic display of a new LG unit

I saw lots of broken phones in one of their booths. There’s an advocacy from Globe about helping build a school for kids. All you have to do is visit a Globe store in any malls and donate your broken phones, I think they will take out the gold plating from the chip and use the money to fund their school building project.

yeah..its true that chips in every tech have gold plating

I was having a free massage when this guy suddenly appeared infront of me, he told me about the online portal for Globe subscriber, he said that we can check our account status online and statement of account in a paper-less manner. I inquired some concerns and he gave me some awesome advice.

I forgot to ask him if its possible to have two Globe lines in one home.

Btw..that’s my massage session moments hahaha.
Thanks to Ted of for the photo op.

Awesome sight is to see a smiling Globe PR girl named Cat Trivino…
now I understand why the boys are so crazy about her…dami may crush sa kanya. haahah
I told her that she’s so pretty in person…. wow!!!

Thanks Cat for accommodating me to your event.

The early birds....PBNET

PBNET, Cat of Globe and Globe CEO Ernest Cu

my Rocktar android

PBNET with Cat

here's our assembled Lotus F1 car

So that’s all folks!!
more Globe coverage from me in the future!

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