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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Chinese Film Festival now playing all day in selected 4 SM Cinema from Sept 5-9,2014 / free admission

Chinese Film Festival Poster
I really miss those days that I’m an active movie goer that watches all kinds of films in any film festival, watching those foreign films are a good window to another world, I ‘m glad that I joined the screening last night and felt inspired again from a movie that we saw at the Chinese Film Festival.

The movie fest of SM Cinema is in line with the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese Moon Festival, in cooperation and partnership with the Chinese Embassy of the Philippines and SM Cinema, they hosted a 5 day exhibition of 7 best Chinese movies in selected SM Cinemas.

From the fest, we will understand and know about the culture about China.

Screenings are free admission, each cinemas will show 5 films per day, here in SM Megamall Cinemas, they showcased 5 films in different time schedule. You can also watch the movies at SM North EDSA, SM San Lazaro and SM Manila.

Featured films:
1. Back to 1942
2. Caught in the web – a woman got victimized by a viral internet campaign
3. The Grandmaster – A Wong Kar Wai film that I want to watch haha
4. Say Yes – comedy drama about old people
5. Full Circle
6. Little Big Soldier – starring Jackie Chan
7. After Shock – a drama about the life changing experience of one family after a disaster

10678570_10152763120559276_1176703716074419319_n (1)
Here’s the schedule here in SM Megamall

After Shock (2010)
This is a disaster movie and also a drama movie about one family whose lives were changed after a massive killer earthquake in China. For me, this movie is very well made and I super love the fast paced story telling and also the emotions embedded in the story. I super recommend this movie if you plan to watch the film fest.

I was about to leave the cinema and not finish the movie, but I stayed and finished the whole movie because I just want to know what will happen to that family after they are left hopeless after surviving an earthquake. It’s a heart breaker story, but its weird that I’m the only guy who didn’t cried after the movie.

Btw the lead star, Zhang Jingchu is one of the star in Rush Hour 3, that’s why she is so familiar to me when I’m watching this movie. She’s so pretty and that’s one of the reason I got glued on my seat.

If I will go to China, I will choose Tangshan, China, because that’s the location were the two killer quake shook the part of China. Many lives were taken away from their families, but the most important part here is that they recovered, rebuild and stood up once again just like a phoenix. I hope our country can learn something from this movie, my question remains…are we ready and prepared if the big After Shock rocks the entire metropolitan. I just hope so.

Our photo after watching “After Shock”
some of us in the photo are fresh from the cinema with lots of teary eyes ahhah

Yes they are laughing..but deep inside are the touchy feeling from a Chinese drama movie After Shock

I super recommend After Shock, you should not miss it!
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