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Friday, September 12, 2014

Eri Curry–first restaurant to offer DIY Japanese curry rice meal in SM Megamall Atrium

Curry mania will start here in Eri Curry restaurant, they offer authentic Japanese curry rice meal and plus, you can customize your curry sauce spice and chili, add more rice and add more toppings. Its up to your preference to have a an awesome Japanese comfort food for the day. I’m a fan of curry rice and I learned that Japanese curry tastes better and thanks to the thick and smokey curry sauce. For me the curry spice kick is just right and not too peppery-like taste. Its more different from our pinoy curry, Indian curry or Malaysian curry sauces.

Eri Curry restaurant opened its doors in SM Megamall Atrium last July 2014, and I discovered this restaurant with a help from my friend Earl Manga who tag us on Facebook with his photo of Eri Curry restaurant with Chef Erica, the head chef and co-owner of Eri Curry.

According to history, Curry was first introduced in India and later on was carried by the British to distribute it in other countries, then in Japan, they re-invented the taste and flavor of the curry just to match their taste preferences.

Curry in Japan are present in lots of form, there’s a rice curry, ramen curry, curry burger and many more. Here in Eri Curry, they offer the Katsudon, Veggie, Chicken and Beef in a curry rice combination.

Last September 10, 2014, Eri Curry organized their grand launch and they invited us bloggers and media to try and taste the Japanese curry offered by Eri Curry

Everyone are amazed by the beauty of the chef, she told me that she’s also the face of the restaurant and also head chef of Eri Curry. Chef Erica told me that the name Eri Curry is not based from her name, I asked her about it and then she shared that the Japanese word “Eri” means, goddess, so it sounds like that the curry prepared in this restaurant is handled by the chef curry goddess Erica.

Then I later learned why my friend Earl Manga is so crazy about this restaurant, because Chef Erica told me that they are playing anime and Japanese music inside the restaurant, which attracted the anime fan boys like Earl. I told her that I noticed the music played at the launch event venue, I think I heard Macross theme song and some classic anime, then Chef Erica revealed to me that she’s an anime fan, she loves Fushigi Yuugi, Dragon Ball Z, Sailormoon and many more. I think this is a good venue for otaku and toy geeks for a dinner gathering.

Okay let’s check out their food.
Browse below for the menu of Eri Curry, I noticed that you can already buy a plate of curry from PHP250-PHP300 +

P1012544 P1012539
P1012541 P1012542P1012543 P1012540
Just click the image to view large version.
They also serve maki, soups, salad, omlette curry, mojitos and shaved ice desserts

There are 4 steps on how you can customize and order your preferred curry rice.

1. Choose your curry plate
- choose if you prefer thin sliced beef, crunchy squid, katsu, shrimp or mushroom

2. Choose your rice portion
- choose the grams for your Japanese rice, you can choose from 200-400 grams per plate

3. Choose your spice level
- just right, mild or fiery

I suggest you start with just right and then later on adjust the spice level by adding more chili powder

4. Add toppings
- Add more veggies, meat and seafood to your curry.

Watch this Video and see how to prepare it and add more toppings, check out also Chef Erica eating her curry rice

take note that adding more content to your curry will also have some price difference.
read the menu and ask the restaurant staff first just to make sure you don’t get a bill shock.

They also serve Maki, here’s a sampler from our taste and try session.

Katsu Curry rice.
A friend mentioned to me that the plate presentation is not that good or look like a “dugyot”, I told him that in Japan, they serve the curry rice the same and some of the resto in Japan serve curry rice in a bowl. Imagine eat this in a bowl and instead of a plate.

Here’s my Beef Curry Rice.
why I order beef ?? because beef is a bit heavy and I love the taste of beef, a perfect match for a good curry sauce.

If you want to have a heavier meal, just order the Katsu curry or curry with omelettes.
Omelette Curry + Katsu are one of their best seller.

If you want to taste the real curry flavor, I suggest don’t order a chili version, just adjust by adding some chili powder. The mild chili level is quite right. Maybe on my next visit, I will try their Fiery level.

Here’s our #CurriedAway moments during the Eri Curry grand launching

Hanna, Myke and Enzo are in curry emo moments.

Chef Erica invites you to try Eri Curry now!!! in SM Megamall Atrium

Join their Facebook page at
Twitter: @eri_curry
Instagram: @eri_curry

check out my photo coverage of their grand launch

IMG_0994 P1012529P1012506 P1012473P1012469 P1012478P1012481 P1012494P1012485 P1012496P1012500 P1012502P1012495 P1012503P1012505 P1012507

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